Samsung has mastered the year 2020, and 2021, a new philosophy in the development of come made products. Especially in the case of the Galaxy phones, this promise could be made in just a few days to the test.

Samsung Electronics

Samsung wants to put customers first

Actually, you would think that a company as large as Samsung, the customer has always been in the first place would have been. At least, that is often sold in promotional clips so. 2021 this is, however, really so, according to the current CEO Kim Ki-nan SamMobile in his new year’s address made clear. 2021 will be the first year in which you react to changes and prepared for the future. Samsung wants to turn into an innovative company. In addition, the customers should be the focus.

This statement refers, of course, not only on Smartphones from Samsung, but the company as a whole, but might, on 14. January 2021 already are put to the test. On this day, the new Galaxy-S21 will be revealed-phones. The new Generation has been discussed for some time violently, because not everything is implemented, it probably meets the request of the customer. So is installed to the delight of many customers, a flat Display, but the microSD Slot is to be eliminated for cost-effective Storage. Samsung should leave out, also, as Apple is the power supply. Whether we are providing really the most satisfied customers remains to be seen.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is supposed to look:

Samsung makes mid-class mobile phones becoming more and more attractive

While in the High-End range will probably soon be more compromises must be made and the phones are less attractive, Samsung will focus more on the middle class, such as the upcoming Galaxy A52 and A72. These Smartphones become more attractive due to the pressure from China in the middle class from year to year, and meet the needs of the customer more and more. The Galaxy A51 is currently a box office hit and the A52 could be better. In the area of Android Updates, Samsung has already set new standards. So it remains exciting.