Saturn sells Top Smartphone unbeatable

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus has already two years old, but still one of the best Smartphones in the Android field. Currently you can get it at a bargain price in the case of Saturn and MediaMarkt. GIGA reveals whether it is worth buying.

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus extremely reduced in the case of Saturn & MediaMarkt

Update from the 05.03.2021: In the case of Saturn and MediaMarkt Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with 128 GB of internal storage and rear ceramic is just for 444 euros. At other dealers over 500 euros will be due, so that you can currently make a really good bargain. Tip: When registering for the Newsletter of MediaMarkt or Saturn every 10 Euro you can save.

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Samsung Galaxy S10: comparison of Smartphone variants

Who does not always require the latest Smartphone from Samsung, but still a really good device and would like to get, you can save money. The Galaxy S10 Plus in the spring of 2019 for 999 euros on the market, and is currently sold for 444 euros. Compared to the start of sales, the price has fallen so about 50 percent.

SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+ 128 GB

SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+ 128 GB

You should consider, however, which Galaxy S10, you buy. The Samsung Galaxy S10 is smaller and lighter than the Galaxy S10 Plus, but has a noticeably worse battery life. The Galaxy S10e is still small and has a flat Display, but saving for the other amenities, too. In this Video, we have highlighted the main differences:

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Samsung Galaxy S10: Long Updates expected

Samsung has particularly proved in recent weeks that the company is a good Update policy is important. The Galaxy S7 also receives after almost four years on the market, and security updates. If Samsung makes the Galaxy S10, then you will be able to use this Smartphone for many years of use. The Update to Android 10 is already there, so that you can install directly after the purchase of the latest Version of Android.

Samsung Galaxy S10: is it Worth the purchase?

Yes, the purchase of a Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S10 Plus worth it currently still is – and he will pay all the more, the more the price drops. You have seen in the past generations, the prices for current models are more, if new generations are introduced and marketed. The Galaxy S10 and its sister models remain so in the year 2020 is a very good choice.