Smartphone is completely different: Stark mobile idea popped up

The General structure of a modern cell phones is for ever and ever? With a view to this blatant phone-concept we can not only say so, because this Smartphone does something quite different.

A mobile phone or Smartphone has a large screen on the back are integrated in one or usually several cameras. The principle has been proven and enforced – the iPhone from Apple, the Galaxy phones from Samsung, and the Rest of the industry. Apart from the first, foldable models to explore actually, nothing Special currently.

Image: Louis Berger

Phone thought differently: Smartphone “Mosaic”

This Status Quo by Mosaic “– a very special Smartphone chips now”. The idea in one short sentence, paraphrased: The back camera is modular and optional to use also completely independent from the phone, almost as a kind of GoPro-Actioncam. There are also matching covers and neck loops for the separate module, very clever. Designed the cell phone from the Designer Louis Bergerhow Yanko Design reported. Currently, unfortunately, only a concept, is still not a finished device.

Image: Louis Berger

The plus points of the draft …

However, as we find, is worth a closer look, because many of the benefits would include such an approach:

  • The camera module is easy to replace, this saves costs and resources in the case of service and can also be used by the user itself.
  • In the future, you could also sell newer and therefore more expensive camera modules and then the sales routes and expand. The customer would be on the other hand, glad to have a better camera not a completely new Smartphone to buy.
Image: Louis Berger
  • The module also includes a small Display useful for Selfies and notifications.
  • For the back of the camera module, another module, which is a separate Display includes still exists. This combination could for example be used for camera or music control used.

Could be soon unemployed, the GoPro Actioncam:

In a word: Awesome! The old idea of the modular smartphone experience with “Mosaic”, a re-birth. Unfortunately, unfortunately … but only on paper, still has not found a manufacturer that would like to make that a reality. After all, in Vivo, one thinks, recently, already over it. Who knows, maybe Apple, Samsung and co. are so mad and crazy and give the concept a Chance – we press the thumb.