So Huawei distributes matebooks

Huawei Matebooks
So Huawei distributes matebooks

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So and Huawei are expanding their cooperation, so that specialist retail partners now have access to other products of the Chinese IT giant via the Also online shop. Among others, the high-end notebooks of the Matebook series B3, B5 and B7 are available.

So he expands his cooperation with Huawei and adds matebooks of the B3, B5 and B7 series to the portfolio.
So he expands his cooperation with Huawei and adds matebooks of the B3, B5 and B7 series to the portfolio.

(Photo by Huawei )

From now on, specialist retail partners can purchase hardware from Huawei in the Also online shop. The distributor has recently installed B2B clients from the Chinese technology provider. So far, the cooperation has included the field of Intelligent Collaboration (EBG). The B2B areas of notebooks, monitors and printers (CBG / Devices) are now being added.

Among other things, business notebooks from Huawei are now available. They are suitable for the IT equipment of corporate customers or for digital workstations in remote or mobile use. The Huawei matebooks of the B3, B5 and B7 series have a fingerprint reader on the power button and a webcam built into the keyboard. In addition, they should score with a low weight, long battery life and fast Internet connections via WiFi 6.

The expanded cooperation will be accompanied by a series of attractive Huawei welcome promotions and promotions, which are also intended to pave the way for partners to enter new sales areas with Huawei.

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