Solutions for the Internet of the future

Flexibility, transparency and security Cisco Live: solutions for the Internet of the future

Cisco has unveiled its first digital in-house exhibition, Cisco Live is a new “As-a-Service”strategy, innovations, networks, silicon, optics, and Routing, as well as an advanced SASE architecture for the protection from the device to the Cloud.


Chuck Robbins, Chairman and CEO of Cisco, gave the opening speech by the global digital Cisco Live 2021.
Chuck Robbins, Chairman and CEO of Cisco, gave the opening speech by the global digital Cisco Live 2021.

(Image: YouTube/Cisco)

The beginning of the end of the 5G Era, as well as the hybrid future of work require a new approach, such as networks, and managed to be built, says Cisco, to the traditional network and Security Frameworks to be on time. Also it must be borne in mind that companies would put in the realignment of your digital strategy increasingly flexible usage models.

Network as a Service for more flexibility and transparency

The new sales model Cisco Plus will include solutions for network, security, Server, Storage, applications, and Observability as a Service with a single subscription. The cloud-based Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) can offer customers from anywhere with an easy and secure network access without setting-up and managing their own infrastructure. Cisco is planning to publish later this calendar year, NaaS solutions to a limited extent, in the areas of Access, WAN, and Cloud.

The As-a-Service offerings should be first in Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and the USA. The middle of 2021 is Cisco-Plus-Hybrid-Cloud solution encompasses the entire data center, network, and storage portfolio of Cisco, in addition, memory and third-party Software for On-Premises, Edge and Public Cloud. They offer a flexible usage model and a full Suite of Services from Cisco Customer Experience (CX) and partners.

At Cisco Live software were presented based solutions for greater insight into network processes. The Integration of ThousandEyes in the AppDynamics Dash Studio combine the network and Internet Performance metrics, with a modern Dashboard. Thus, network, application and Cloud Teams received a common Basis in order to recognize problems quickly and fix it.

ThousandEyes is now automatically included in the scope of delivery of the Switches, the Catalyst 9000 series. This allows for transparency from the Campus network through branches up to any application, any network and any Service, even outside of the company. Customers could immediately determine the cause of the problem and the respective Teams bring together, to fix this. This should work starting in April 2021, with no additional Hardware or software costs.

Innovations for the Internet of the future

Cisco wants to make the Internet for everyone, everywhere has more accessible. Together with telecommunications, and Web companies around the world, including Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, AWS, Facebook, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Rakuten, SFR, Telenor, Telia Carrier, Telstra and Altibox, the networks should be backed up and automatically connected. Among the innovations to improve the Internet:

  • Simplification of the infrastructure: Cisco’s concept of “Converged SDN Transport” to enable providers to combine multiple networks to a common, cost-efficient and secure infrastructure with a high level of scalability. Could also be conducted using the Routed Optical Networking solution with pluggable optics from the recently acquired companies, Acacia IP and optical networks. Cisco estimates it is possible with this solution, the total cost of the Internet is in operation (in combination with the Routing-Cisco Portfolio of operating for the mass) estimated that 46 percent reduced.
  • Cisco Silicon One: Cisco’s unified, programmable network architecture is expanded by a Routing-focused solution, a solution that also addresses the Switching market. Thus, the operational efficiency could improve, as well as the necessary speed and capacity for 5G deployment. It comprises ten network devices to 3.2 TBit/s to 25.6 TBit/s, and thus, Cisco, currently the most powerful programmable Routing and Switching platform.
  • More Powerful Networks: The current Router to the 8000 family of Cisco are now equipped with Chips to the Cisco Silicon One-Q200-series. According to Cisco, these offer a total capacity of up to 14.4 TB/s and allow 32 and 64 x 100G-Web-Scale Switches. Cisco introduces new Line Cards and Chassis for the Cisco Aggregated services Router 9000 series as well as the Network Convergence System-500 and 5500 series. In addition, a new cross-work-Network-Controller functions to support the operation of the Cisco-Routed Optical Networking solution.
  • Cross Work Cloud: The SaaS solution for the validation of the health of the Network and the security provides Cisco, according to a new application called Traffic Analysis. They offer an Overview of the Peering points of the network and provide concrete recommendations to improve the data traffic at the network edge (Edge).
  • Business Critical Services: The Services are intended to facilitate the Migration to Cisco-Routed Optical Networking and Cloud Native Broadband solutions.
  • Subscriber Management for Telco customers: The new Cloud Native Broadband Network Gateway for Telco customers, enabling a unified subscriber Management solution, with the Service Provider of access and mobile services are able to offer.

SASE, and password-less solutions

At Cisco Live, innovations in the field of IT Security were presented. An extended range for Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is designed to simplify network and security processes. All SASE-core components are flexible about a subscription service available. Furthermore, users could log in in the future with the Cisco Duo without the password, security key or platform biometric safe in Cloud-based applications, as well as using the SecureX platform in the detection and remediation of threats to save time.

The following SASE elements are now available:

  • Data Loss Prevention: With Cisco Umbrella, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to be able to sensitive data and block detect before they are unauthorized shipped.
  • Remote Browser Isolation: The Cisco Umbrella function can protect devices and networks against browser-based threats.
  • Cloud Malware Detection: Cisco Umbrella can find store Malware from cloud-based File and remove it. As Cloud applications are independent from the device safely.
  • Extension of Cisco SD-WAN Cloud Onramp: The new Version of SD-WAN 17.5 powered by Viptela leave, in addition to AWS and Azure now for Google Cloud and mega port. Also the Meraki MX advanced SD-WAN connectivity from the branch to Public Clouds such as AWS, Azure and Alibaba Cloud.
  • New SD-WAN and Cloud Security Integration: Meraki MX integrated now Cisco Umbrella. This will accelerate the introduction of distributed Cloud-native security solutions.