Sony wants to build the Android Smartphone we are all waiting

Apple has submitted to, Sony wants to counter. According to the latest information, the Japanese manufacturer is planning an Android Smartphone, not has it given in the Form of, for years, have the desire but very many users. GIGA has all the Details for you.


Sony plans new Compact Smartphone

The Hype around the iPhone 12 mini has left Sony but be as cold as it was few months ago. Back then, you had to build a major, a compact High-End Smartphones. That has changed now, as a Leaker confirmed in Voice. Sony will indeed build a compact Top-phone that will compete with its 5.5-inch Display against the 5.4-inch model in the Form of the iPhone 12 mini. The external dimensions but not only because of the minimal larger screen, slightly larger, but also because of the fat margins. On a borderless and small, mobile phone, Sony probably has no desire or do not get it, as can be seen below:

Sony makes the compact Xperia phone, no experiments, and missed him the typical Design. The fingerprint sensor sits on the side, it comes with a notch for the front camera and it is a 3.5 mm Jack present. Otherwise, the look is very reserved. Many of the technical data are not yet known, since the iPhone is supposed to serve 12 mini as a model, is expected to be a High-End processor and a relatively large battery. It should also come with a 13-MP camera on the rear and 8-MP camera on the Front for use. More is not yet known.

Sony developed a dedicated car:

The compact Android phone from Sony will be a success?

Since years you can hear that, supposedly, everyone wants a compact High-End Smartphone with Android. In fact, Sony itself has betrayed some time ago, that the small phones would not sell as good as many believe. Most of the users resort to the larger screen, where you can enjoy the content better. This seems to confirm the iPhone 12 mini. The small phone is not supposed to sell so well. It will be exciting to see if Sony has a Xperia Compact the success that is expected.

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