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Eset aligns B2B Portfolio Sure, but flexible

Eset Protect Management console, and product Bundles to run in the Slovak Security specialist Eset in the future, under this name. On the way to pave his partners in the Cloud and MSP world, the manufacturers of many ideas.


Eset tied up Bundles of its products and established a higher-level Management console. For the Channel are the ingredients you need on the way to the MSP and Cloud providers.
Eset tied up Bundles of its products and established a higher-level Management console. For the Channel are the ingredients you need on the way to the MSP and Cloud providers.

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MSP, Cloud first and Bundles – these three words can the realignment of the B2B portfolio of Eset describe. At the top of the Management console, which comes under the name of Eset Protect on the market, however. But not only this is so hot. Under the same “umbrella term” to run in the future, also, the various product Bundles has put together the Slovak Security manufacturer. Michael Schröder, Business Strategy Manager at Eset, said: “Nobody is looking for more out of a range of 35 individual products the Right, but the Channel, and customers want consistency and simplicity.” And so the party was founded in 1992 in Bratislava, has pulled its Portfolio smooth.

Management console spans everything

The most Important is the manufacturer, however, to be able in the future to be very flexible to the needs of customers and the needs of partners to respond. The Central hub of the Protect-Management console, which is almost everything and both in the Cloud and On-Prem-operating with full functionality, as well as a Managed Services Provider (MSP) is optimized. This flexibility is Eset extremely important, as Schröder stressed again and again: “We want to broaden the opportunities for Resellers verb. This is a Signal for the trade. We are not going to say goodbye to On-Prem. This product variant is still running for a long time. But, we want to bring the partners of the benefits of the MSP-shop close to you and give you the chance to jump on the band wagon.“

As a further important Features for the Protect console Schröder called the automation for dynamic groups, which is a unique feature. “Normally, groups of computers, Clients, or users are connected to the Active Directory. It rolled out a Policy, then this is coined in this group. Anyone can do it. But we can create dynamic groups that meet certain requirements – for example, a User of a laptop with MacOS has, in the foreign service and a VPN access. This User will then be given, for example, an Update automates rolls. If then, however, the requirements of the User not change, he is, for example, in the field, then he is automatically removed from the group, and is suitable placed in another.“ Speaking of flexibility: The console supports all major operating systems such as Windows, Linux, or virtual environments. With the help of the Protect platform Reseller could slowly to the MSP and Cloud-world approach. A Trend that, according to a study of Eset 48 percent of the end users to follow. 42 percent want to work in 2021 with an MSP, a further 13 per cent could follow in the coming five years. A huge market that opens up for the Channel here.

In the Wake of the Corona pandemic many companies take their own IT Security strategy in more detail.

Training and sales AIDS

And not only the Management console meets the requirements, but also to the Reseller with your Knowledge up-to-date, which makes Eset a variety of materials. “There is a platform description, Bundle explanations, including migration tips and Upgrade options. Not only do we have the data-sheets, but also one-pagers for customers and sales AIDS for a Partner, show how it can be argued, what problems it solves a specific Bundle, which leads to the unique features of the product“ Schröder. In addition, each employee of a partner has in Eset access to the content of the e-learning platform.

Because, in addition to the cross-platform, and the wide variety of materials, Eset has combined its single products to Bundles, in order to have a “pass accurate quote from the home office to the Enterprise,” as Schröder explains. These also offer a high degree of flexibility. For a change from On Premises to the Cloud can be done without the need to change the license to something. The agile management of the licences continue. “For us, it doesn’t matter whether the customer today 24 File Server and a Client is using and in the morning the other way around. A license is a license.“

In the first throw Eset provides five Bundles with a different level of protection: Eset Protect Entry, Protect Advanced, Protect, Complete, and Protect Enterprise. The Bundle “Mail Plus is yet to come” as the entry way to protect yourself from Phishing and Ransomware..

“Bundles are becoming more and more popular. Because there is no Potpourri and more from individual products with different maturities, but customers and dealers have a console, a point of contact, one order number, and a one-time decision-making process,“ explains Schröder of the benefits.

Already know from earlier times: Holger Suhl, Country Manager DACH, and Peter Neumeier, the new Channel Manager at Eset.

The goddess Isis (Egyptian: Eset) is the name of the patron Saint of the Security provider Eset.