Tchibo increased LTE data volume in the Prepaid Tariff

Who is currently on the search for a new Prepaid Tariff, you should look at Tchibo mobile in. There, the prices were reduced and there is more volume of data. Particularly, an offer is worthwhile and offers other providers such as Aldi Talk.

Tchibo Mobile

Prepaid plans at Tchibo mobile with the volume of data

Aldi and Lidl have recently revised their Prepaid tariffs and the version with the volume of data significantly improved. Now draws Tchibo and the competition even offers significantly. The following Prepaid rates available now at Tchibo mobile:


The Smart-L Smart XL there is now more data volume. The blast is, but the Smart-L-Collective. There is only the LTE data volume of 5 to 6 GB, but the price of 14.99 euros reduced to € 9.99. The competition from Aldi and Lidl, a Prepaid plan is so 12,99 Euro. Your saves every four weeks so proud 3 euros, which adds up with time. The Best of the action is not that this applies only once. Your changes to the Smart L, or get a new SIM card from Tchibo mobile, the price for you as long as you stay in this rate, even if the price then increases again. Once you switch again, the price that is then prescribed.

So you have to find out whether a Tariff is good for:

Prepaid plans are becoming more and more attractive

Aldi, Lidl, Tchibo, and all other Prepaid providers to make their offers in the regular sections becoming more and more attractive. Normally, Aldi makes the first step and the competition reacts only. That Tchibo goes even a step further, and the market leader of the trumps, is more than unusual. The more the action for customers is worthwhile, because the lose basically nothing. You can get more data volume to a lower price and at Aldi, as well as Tchibo in the network of o2 on the go. You can so a lot of telephone calls and write SMS as you want, and remains flexible. We will not charge the credit ends of the Prepaid contract automatically.

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