Samsung has recently introduced with the Galaxy S21 three interesting new High-End Smartphones, the actual Star of the year, but still. Now more information has been known to make much cheaper phone more interesting.

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Samsung Galaxy A52 announced

The Samsung Galaxy A51, the most common Samsung phone was, without a doubt, in the year 2020. It is well equipped and is regularly sold at a price of around 250 euros. More mobile phone no one actually needs – currently. With the successor of Galaxy A52 a new model that will enter in the large footsteps, and would like to fill out announces but. Will succeed according to the latest information. Because while Samsung removed the Galaxy S21 features such as the microSD Slot, and further restrictions on imports, is deleted in Galaxy A52 nothing. Both the microSD Slot and the 3.5 mm Jack socket to stay in place.

Technically, the Samsung Galaxy A52 is upgraded of course. Like the recently introduced Galaxy a-32. the new phone will feature a 5G Modem. Inside the Snapdragon 750G to work, the 6 GB of RAM and at least 128 internal memory should be available. In addition, an improved Quad-camera with 64 MP to use, – reported 91mobiles. This would actually be a welcome improvement. The camera of the Galaxy A51 is okay, but could be better. As the operating system direct Android 11 would be used.

Why the Samsung Galaxy A51 is currently one of the best Smartphones:

Samsung Galaxy A52: Pre-Programmed Selling

The Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A51 for Samsung with the biggest successes in the Smartphone sector, and the Tradition is likely to be merged with the Galaxy A52 more. The company makes according to the latest information, there is no gross error, which the new Generation would be unattractive. It depends on the price. If the adjusts, then will sell the phone by itself. At the latest, in the course of time and with the price drop, the Galaxy A52 is then returned to the king in the mobile phone market in Germany. GIGA will provide you with all the information, when the mobile phone is presented.