The most important Bitcoin News of the week

Elon Musk is fueling speculation about possible BTC Investment; Dogecoin price exploded; FDP calls for Changes to MiCA and eWpG; Navalny receives generous Bitcoin donation and crypto issue of currencies at the WEF.

Another exciting week in the crypto-Space is coming to the end. The most important events of Bitcoin and co. in a compact Overview.

Twitter action from Elon Musk heats up speculation about Bitcoin Investment.

Elon Musk fuels speculation about a possible Investment in Bitcoin. On Twitter the Tesla-founder changed his profile description in #bitcoin and sided Bio with a small Bitcoin-Emoji. The now massive guesswork within the crypto Community, whether the richest man in the world could now join in the crypto-currency. In addition, Musk has pushed a Twitter Post afterwards, that reveals a certain degree of crypto-fatalism. Translated in the Post: “in retrospect, it was inevitable”. Specifically, it is believed that Musk and his car could be mobile investing company Tesla soon in Bitcoin. In this case, these assumptions drove alone, the Bitcoin rate to a double-digit percentage upwards. Whether Musk invested now really remains to be seen. Next week, MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor invites you to a big Bitcoin conference. There you want to attract new investors for the crypto-currency. A good opportunity for Musk to stop the guesswork.

According to GameStop also Dogecoin is exploding-rate

The explosive increase in the GameStop stock made this week for plenty of conversation. Now the same Reddit Community when the Dogecoin to hit presumably. Otherwise, a temporary rate can be increase of 875 percent will not declare. The rate was at 28. January at 05:04 still about 0.008 in US dollars, shot this within 24 hours to almost 0,078 US Dollar. Behind it is thought to be r/wallstreetbets (WSB). The Reddit group currently has almost six million members. Over a Million users were added in the last 24 hours. Of Twitter Users WBS Chairman is regarded as a possible leader of the group, which is also supposed to be for the DOGE Pump responsible. The Dogecoin rally began, namely, in consequence of Tweets of WSB and Chairman. In Parallel, a new #Dogecoin Challenge exists on the Social Media platform, TikTok, the calls active on your purchase of the Coins, until it has broken through the 1 Dollar mark.

FDP calls for Changes to MiCA and eWpG

The Bundestag group of the FDP calls for an innovation-friendly legal framework for crypto-assets. This is from a previous Version of an application, the BTC-ECHO is present. The party criticised some of the points, in September of 2020, adopted “Market in Crypto-Assets”Regulation (MiCA) of the EU and calls on the Federal government to Act. So the classification of many of the Blockchain-business as a financial services provider, which would basically do nothing with the payment services to be, for example, in the regulation, is a Problem. In addition, the regulation would have a significant bureaucratic overhead for Start-ups to follow. The “law for the introduction of electronic securities” was also the subject of the criticism. It remains, according to the party behind the existing regulations of other EU member States and means even a step backwards for the Blockchain-the Economy of the Federal Republic of Germany.


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Navalny receives generous Bitcoin donation

The Bitcoin donations to the Pro-Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny to take after his detention. His Wallet was recorded in the week after his arrest, a donation inflow of an estimated 3.7 BTC (almost 115,000 US dollars). This tripled the transactions on its digital wallet, compared with the first two weeks of the eighth, and again, and now exceed all Bitcoin donations from the past year. Overall, he was able to generate over the last five years 657 BTC. Also, donations of Russian millionaires-in-exile were alleged to. Generally speaking, Bitcoin is for Navalny and others critical of the government persons, an important source of support for the Opposition. It is not that the Kremlin Bank accounts of opposition can politicians block. Also, Navalny had to go through this, after the Russian government seized in September last year, his apartment and his account froze. Most recently, he was able to lay mostly on the financial return from his Bitcoin Fundraising left.

Crypto-currencies, a topic at Davos summit

At the 51. The world economic forum in Davos were first discussed issues around crypto-currencies and Blockchain. More than 2,500 representatives of the Foundation of the WEF took part in the Davos Agenda. Discussions about crypto-currencies of the Governor of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey was involved, among other things. Also, the CEO of Western Union, Hikmet Ersek, and other prominent personalities in the financial sector were present. The discussions took place on Monday and on Thursday. The focus here is on CBDCs and the use of the Blockchain-technology for VR, AR and IoT projects.


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