The most important crypto News of the week

Andy Jassy is a new Amazon-chief; PayPal pulls the first crypto-quarter balance sheet; Dogecoin price explodes after Elon Musk Tweet; the MicroStrategy Bitcoin Event and WSB: What is a decentralized investment power for the crypto-Space.

Another exciting week in the crypto Space is about to end. The most important events of Bitcoin and co. in a compact Overview.

Andy Jassy is a new Amazon-boss – and he is a crypto-savvy

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After Amazon founder and longtime CEO Jeff Bezos on the evening of 2. February 2021 announced its withdrawal from the positions on the Board, is Andy Jassy take in the future this Post. Jassy accompanied the company since 1997. He is considered to be crypto-savvy. Currently, he acts as the head of the thriving Cloud service Amazon Web Service (AWS) ends. The Online service rented Server and storage capacity to other companies and generate massive profits. Under the direction Jassys AWS Recently introduced “Amazon Managed Blockchain”. This is a Service for developers who want to build projects on the Basis of Hyper Ledger Fabric or Ethereum, without the need for your own Hosting, or your own Hardware to deploy. Previously, the company launched in 2018 a centralized, Blockchain-similar project in the Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB). Whether Amazon is under the leadership Jassys also a push in the direction of its own Cryptocurrency, like Facebook’s Diem, dares, so far uncertain.

PayPal withdraws after the first crypto-quarter balance sheet

The Online payment provider PayPal has presented its Figures for the fourth quarter of 2020. The presentation was expected with great excitement, because PayPal is known to have started during the quarter for the first time in the crypto-market. This is not without consequences for the Course of Bitcoin & co. remained. It has been in the final quarter of 2020, a total of 16 million new PayPal users. The trading volume stands at an impressive 277 billion US dollars. Furthermore, the announcement indicated that customer, the crypto-currencies have purchased through the platform, twice as often in the case of PayPal have logged on as before, as PayPal this Service is not yet offered. PayPal’ve been working with regulatory authorities and Central banks, in order to design the “next Generation of the financial system,” said CEO Dan Schulman. Since the 12th century. November can buy legitimate users in the US, Bitcoin and co. In addition, Schulman also made allusions to provide the Service to other countries.

Dogecoin price explodes after Elon Musk Tweet

After the Reddit group r/wallstreetbets had taken the course already a week ago to Explode, tweeted on 4. February 2021 multi-billionaire Elon Musk cheerful about the Dogecoin, which made for a new rally. In the meantime, the price of the Meme Coin increased by 50 percent. The Pump went out from the richest people in the world: Elon Musk, as he cheerfully Dogecoin Memes tweeted. Already a few days ago, Musk caused a stir in the crypto had provided Space, as he changed his Twitter biography and a #Bitcoin Emoji and a Hashtag added. He also caused a stir when he turned into a Clubhouse call the Robinhood-CEO Vlad Tenev, and an explanation of the incidents with the sale, stop by GameStop-called shares: “The people demand answers, and you want to know the truth.”

MicroStrategy Event: Stone Ridge, CEO of Stevens predicted that Bitcoin will be more valuable than Gold

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor invited important figures of the financial and business world to a multi – day Bitcoin Event discussing the future of Bitcoin and co. Also present Ross Stevens, CEO of Stone Ridge was. He shared Saylors generally known Bitcoin euphoria, as he said: “Bitcoin is the best money we have – perhaps for ever.” Under the question of why companies should at all, BTC is on the Agenda, referred to Stevens on the macro-economic uncertainties of a corona-related, inflationary monetary policy of the Central banks. The high-pressure running the money printing machines “company reserves always risky”. As a result, companies are looking for a suitable value to save, protect your capital, but also as a future-proof investment act. In addition, Bitcoin is in many ways the Fiat both money as well as Gold superior. What BTC is characterized compared to other Assets, is the Transferability of space and time. In this sense, he predicted that Bitcoin will be in the future, more valuable than Gold.

WSB: What is a decentralized investment power for the crypto Space means

In his Friday comment Sven wagenknecht, editor-in-chief of BTC-ECHO assessed the impact of the Reddit group WallStreetBets (WSB) on the crypto-Space. The true Power behind the Wallstreetbets movement is shown by the fact that the rate of explosion of the base values are relieved of any fundamental valuation principle. It was a demonstration of power of the collective, could leave in doubt, it is junk to cheer Gold high – even in the crypto-Space. As a Prime example of Dogecoin, the nothing to hide more than a satire of the Bitcoin to serve here. The Coin had no meaningful project that the value would justify. Nevertheless, Dogecoin has become the darling of the masses. The phenomenon I’m now a few imitators. For example, have already formed groups on telegram that are pulling from stock to stock or Cryptocurrency to Cryptocurrency.


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The Motivation behind this can be many and varied. In addition to General criticisms of the banking and financial system, don’t yaw to a significant role. These developments could use some authorities representatives, to crypto-currencies-to-back in a bad light.

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