The year is still relatively young, a Chinese company has now revealed a new Smartphone, which combines three devices and two special technologies. But there is also a very big disadvantage.

TCL Fold ‘n’ Roll: a Spectacular Smartphone concept

The Chinese group TCL you are probably familiar with the Least under his own name. Instead, the company is more likely to occur under the purchased brands, BlackBerry and Alcatel. At the presentation of new mobile phones, TCL stand, but the focus is and to the end of the show Fold ‘n’ Roll. TCL combined in this device, two technologies and thus creating a unique mobile. So you can the 6,87-inch Smartphone not only in a 8,85 inch Phablet expand, but also to the side to a 10-inch Tablet drawing. How it works, you see in the Video below:

Samsung and Huawei have been built so far only foldable smartphone, while LG wanted to try a pull-out device. Since LG business is to get out of the Smartphone, this is probably nothing more. TCL combines both technologies and makes it a unique product. Users can use the device, so really as a replacement for a Smartphone and a Tablet. The previous foldable phones were as a Tablet too small and as a Smartphone is also not really convincing. This would be a way that you could go.

TCL Fold ‘n’ Roll is just a study

Unfortunately, the TCL Fold-n-Roll will never be on the market. The company has shown in the past a wide variety of folding devices, you have done it, but never on the market. Nevertheless, TCL could bring other companies, so a fold-out to build a phone really. The two technologies are available, they were only United by any company. It is still what is going on so it’s on the Smartphone market.