In short, a snapshot and friends: The Parts of the images has long been one of the most popular Features on WhatsApp. In the future, users of the Messengers must be set to a tremendous Change.

The developers of WhatsApp Tinker more and more new features to the Messenger, and can also be used by the competition to flourish. For the Android and iOS Version of WhatsApp is soon to be a Feature that could be presented, the sending and receiving of images is fundamentally changing.

WhatsApp-images are to destroy itself

According to WABetainfo to WhatsApp, in the future, self-destructing images get. The experts reports on Twitter. Pictures will be sent with this function, according to The expiration of a certain amount of time to delete. Also the Export of the sent photos was not possible, it says. The Whole is similar to the Direct Feature on Instagram. Prior to the dispatch users by means of a small button to activate can the sent photo deletes itself once the leaves To the Chat. A notification within the chat to make the function is also indicated.

Such a Feature could represent the way, such as WhatsApp users to send images to the head. So far, you could be sure that the received images are always saved within the Chat App or the Download folder. With self-destructing photos the security is lost.

Self-destructing messages are already in WhatsApp:

WhatsApp allows for Screenshots?

Unclear is, meanwhile, whether it’s WhatsApp after the release of the self-destructing pictures, at least Screenshots allowed or the screen shots in this technically is blocked or the recipient is informed that a Screenshot was taken. In Instagram Direct Screenshots are still possible, and there is a Workaround, in order to secure interesting pictures. However, this would lead the new Feature to the point of absurdity, and could develop for WhatsApp on to the next scandal, after the Messenger is already now because of the new terms of use in the criticism.