If you want to buy a Smartwatch, but not 400 euros for an Apple Watch to spend, you can grab on Thursday at Aldi South to a much cheaper Alternative. Many of the features of the expensive competition dominated also. GIGA tells you.

Amazon sells Amazfit GDP U for only 34,99 Euro

Smartwatches, there are as the Sand of the sea. Almost every manufacturer offers one. Really cheap and good models there are, however, rather rare. In the case of Aldi Süd is from the 21. January 2021, but the Amazfit GDP U sold that has proven successful since its market introduction. Instead of the else at other dealers due for 58 euros you must Aldi only a mere 34,99 Euro pay. This is a really big Savings because the clock is otherwise offered never so cheap. It also has all the colors to choose from, so you are not limited only to an embodiment.

The Amazfit GDP U is cheap, but it offers a comparatively wide range of functions. The Smartwatch can track 60 different types of sport, has a pulse sensor that can measure the oxygen content in the blood and is water resistant to 50 meters. The use in sports, nothing stands in the way. In addition, the duration is up to nine days. Most of the data to be displayed on the 1.43-inch Display. But there is also a matching App for Android and iOS, where all of the data in Detail can be evaluated. In addition, notifications can be displayed by the Smartphone on the watch. The connection is established via Bluetooth 5.0. The only drawback: There is no GPS Chip is built in.

In the following Video, the Smartwatch will be shown:

The purchase of the Amazfit GDP U worth it?

The Amazfit GDP, U is a mixture of Smartwatch and Fitness Tracker. The watch is very cheap, offers a larger Display than a small one Tracker and you can record what is important. For the price of just 35 euros you should strike when you have carefully searched for such a mixture. For the price you can’t go wrong with that.