Traditional manufacturer can’t make it: smartphone hope postponed

Not all smartphone manufacturers were able to keep up with the development of the market and the wishes of customers. Legendary names have been sold and are now managed by other companies. HTC wanted to do it again on its own, but somehow it doesn’t work out. Now there is the next setback.


HTC must postpone new flagship smartphone

HTC actually wanted to participate in the market again with a few smartphones and slowly regain its old strength. But nothing will come of it, because the flagship smartphone, which should have been presented in April, is delayed. There is no information about when the HTC smartphone will arrive exactly. It is clear, however, that it there are big problems with the supply chainso HTC can’t do anything by itself (source: GSMArena).

HTC does not just want to build a 0815 smartphone, but betting on a completely new trend. The focus for the new smartphone should be the Metaverse. HTC has a lot of experience in the field of virtual reality through the Vive glasses and could be back early when a new standard is set. Meta wants to create a completely new world with the Metaverse and HTC could be there early with the smartphone.

It is questionable whether HTC is not too early. The metaverse is not there yet. Meta himself expects that the Construction will take many more years and cost several billionsuntil it runs at all. But if the metaverse prevails, HTC could be among the winners and then maybe play at the top again.

At least in the field of VR, HTC hardly anyone can reach the water:

When is the new HTC phone coming now?

It’s in the stars. Neither in the rumor mill nor from HTC there is reliable information about when the new smartphone will appear. In any case, it will be exciting to see if HTC somehow manages to be a relevant player in the smartphone market again. We have our doubts, but as old HTC fans we like to be taught otherwise.

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