“We immediately notice when a company tells Bullshit”

Insight into the Generation Z “We immediately notice when a company tells Bullshit”

Never-before-qualified Junior wars was so hard to be as it is today. The young entrepreneur Samuel Pemsel reveals how the new Generation is ticking and why businesses your marketing staff radical shift in thinking is needed in order to have talent opportunities.


Especially for small and medium-sized companies, it is increasingly difficult to recruit young and talented talents.
Especially for small and medium-sized companies, it is increasingly difficult to recruit young and talented talents.

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She is young, ambitious, and belongs now to the most hotly contested groups in the labour market: to recruit the Generation Z. her best professionals for the industry in the next few years its survival is important. One who knows how to do it, is Samuel Pemsel. With 15 of the 17-Year-old students founded an Agency in Düsseldorf, Germany – since then, he advises SMEs on how you set up themselves attractive for young talents.

Samuel, many of the young people of careers at Google, Apple and co. the traditional SMEs Has dreams, however, still a Chance?

11 months Samuel Pemsel rode its full capacity before the court. Today, two years later, advises the 17-Year-old SMEs, as recruits from Generation Z.

11 months Samuel Pemsel rode its full capacity before the court. Today, two years later, advises the 17-Year-old SMEs, as recruits from Generation Z.

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Yes, of course! SMEs bureaucracy for family values, to each other at eye-level, practical work, little. Searching for young people today. Added: in terms of career and development opportunities for the next generation, could learn the middle class the other of Google and co. – mentor programs, for example.

A larger minus point may be compared with a lower salary…

Not necessarily, for my Generation, this is not a knock-out criterion more. Clearly, a high salary you’ll take like that – much more important an atmosphere in which you feel comfortable and that you know the purpose of your work is. And with “meaning” I don’t mean by the way: to make a Profit.


The answer to the question: to what Extent my Job is helping to make the world a better place? And the associated with my personal growth opportunities. There are countless ways: Some, for example, CO2-poor process technology. Another designed the robot, remove the heavy physical tasks. No matter what it is – if the Generation Z knows what works, gives you full throttle.

Who is Generation Z?

In “Generation Z” covers the vintages from the mid-90s until about 2010. In Germany, the 11.3 million people. In contrast to the Generation Y, its predecessor, the Generation Z as a more conservative, more reasonable and more on social security conscious.

For companies, the sounds, frankly, after a lot of Persuasion and risk. Why should I care as a CEO, but you?

I believe that an operation must always make an effort to fresh ideas, if he wants to stay competitive! And it is not really so, as the young people would demand only. My Generation also has to contribute a lot.

And what is that?

For example, our Know-how for the digitalisation: We are the First to grow up consistently with your Smartphone. This means that we bring a totally new naturalness and openness to digital technologies. And we are used to explain to others how they work. If you really want to benefit from the digitisation, on us!

And: How the middle class is reflected so far in the fight for the best young talent?

Most sets, unfortunately, still on stale Recruiting, so ads in Stepstone, Indeed, or on the Homepage. And nothing really brings! The best young talent it is thus achieved.

Where to reach you?

On Social Media! Young people on the move today almost exclusively in social networks. Then, need to trust the companies and their recruiters.

What are the platforms we talking about? TikTok and Snapchat?

Also. However, for SMEs to get started, Instagram is better. So our customers get the best experience. The level of care required is compared to TikTok and Snapchat low and still I reach up with my personal marketing to the right audience.

What is TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram are?

Social platforms, especially among teenagers and young adults popular:

  • TikTok: A video portal in the user short Clips cut and upload. Earlier it was the lip-sync of music – today, the Community invites more and more frequently, their own content. 800 million users worldwide.
  • Snapchat: An Instant Messenger service like WhatsApp. The difference is that Skillful images and Videos are only a couple of seconds, before they are automatically deleted. 380 million users worldwide.

  • Instagram: An Online service for Sharing images and Videos. Over a billion users worldwide.

And what do I do if I have in my company no one firm with Social Media?

My tip: Puts this task in the hands of the Generation Z! Interns will have the joy in it, an Instagram-concept – and you can bring the best qualifications, there, you know. Important is only that you also get the freedom to try something New, to be creative. Too often, it says: “we can’t do so”. Or the corporate communication will approve all times.

How does an Instagram Account then? I can’t fill only with ads…

No, of course not, instead, it will go in the staff, marketing, Storytelling, so important to tell the story. What is the Vision for my business? Where are we on the way, what’s going on? What do my employees have to say? And it is also the Mix of content: Testimonials of the employees, a behind – the-Scenes, short interviews with the CEO, and now and again, the invitation to apply for an open position is obtained.

To contrived Bergen Social Media sites are not often the danger, come over?

Critical of authenticity. What is the operation says and what he does, has to match! I’ve seen it happen often that an SME writes: “we are enormously’re all in this Together”. Then You will read the review on Kununu, you don’t realize immediately that something was wrong. In such a Situation, a young man doesn’t dither for a long time. We notice immediately if a company tells Bullshit and unfollow the Account.

So good, we summarize again: What are the first steps, when I want to set my personal marketing is new?

First: Learn more about the Generation Z and by you to speak with your young colleague. You, what drives you ask and try to understand their point of view. Secondly, Instructs trainees with the development of a Social Media strategy for Instagram. What do you want to post? When? And who is responsible? And Thirdly, from the Start, tried and adjusted. Success stories, there are often already in the first weeks, when the number of your Followers is growing.

This article first appeared on our partner portal Electronics Practice.

* Sebastian Hofmann technical editor “Job & career” at the time of Vogel Communications Group.