$ 1 billion: Bitcoin miners experience the new year-Boom

Most of the Bitcoin Miner may have to pay the year 2021, given the high turnover more than satisfied started. However, not everywhere you can take advantage of the upturn.

The Mining industry is booming. The show Numbers of the “The Block“. Thus, Bitcoin-Miner reported in January of this year, total sales of about 1.12 billion U.S. dollars. Thus, this year’s sales even exceeds the proceeds of the January 2018 (US $ 1.02 billion) and ranks just behind the record sales in December 2017 (US $ 1.25 billion).

It is interesting to note that to increase the share of the so-called “Block Subsidy” (Block subsidy) is enormous compared to January 2018 (814,73 million USD) and December 2017 (954,38 million US dollars). Thus, the share of “pure” mined Bitcoin breaks now for the first time, the one-billion mark. The turnover from transaction fees is increased in comparison to the previous month, in Relation to the previous record months, the proportion from the January 2021, however, remained relatively low. So in 2017, transactions had, in December a share of 296,36 million US Dollar in the total turnover of the Bitcoin-Miner. Already in January 2018, this ratio decreased to 204,25 million US dollars. Three years later, this proportion is now 116,07 million US dollars.

Miner pays a grant to a Bitcoin Maintainer

Meanwhile, Miner subsidize developers working on improvements to the Bitcoin network. The Swiss Bitcoin-Maintainer Jonas Speed Recently received a grant of 96,000 U.S. dollars from the Nasdaq-Miner Marathon Patent Group. To said the payment Speed:

It is a acceptable content. However, much less than I could get as a software developer in a company. But I’m in it for the Bitcoin Ethos and not because of the money.

Jonas Speed compared to The Block

Speed would use the money to implement in order to continue on the Bitcoin network improvements.

Iran makes crypto-farms dense

Meanwhile, the crypto-2021 begins for most of the private Miner in Iran is disastrous, because the Mullah-state-goes-to-date with all hardness against crypto-Miner. The Gulf state currently suffers from recurrent power outages. The debt of the Islamic Republic looks at illegal miners, who consumed too much electricity and so the network is congested. So Iran will return to conditions like in the year 2019. Since the ban on currencies in the mines of Bitcoin and other Crypto, because of a too high energy burden.

After the USA and the EU had imposed in 2020 for renewed sanctions against Iran is legal, the government in Tehran materialized, the Bitcoin Mining, but only for licensed operators. With this method, the Iranian Regime tried to circumvent the sanctions. By using a national subsidy programme for electricity prices, it was a popular Mining site. According to the University of Cambridge Iran currently holds the sixth place in the international Mining Ranking.

Now, the Iranian law enforcement authorities seem to be even stronger against illegal miners to proceed. According to the Associated Press, the Iranian police have closed approximately 1,600 Mining farms in the country. As the Iranian news Agency Tasnim News Agency reported to have been seized in the raids about 45,000 Mining Computer.

While critics accuse the Iran of a fundamental structural Problem distract. Above all, the Iranian scientist and former politician, Kaveh Madani. He said that Bitcoin was an easy victim, and “to take responsibility for years of mismanagement” in the current Situation.

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