15 GB of LTE extremely cheap

Cheap data plan in the Telecom network looking for? Then you should check out the current offer of MediaMarkt closer. You get 15 GB of LTE data volume for effective 7.24 per month. GIGA estimated and reveals why the Deal is so good.

Data-Deal at MediaMarkt: 15 GB of Telecom Tariff at the pop price

Who is on the search for a pure data-rate in Telecom Network that has now the opportunity to make a really good Deal. At best buy, you get 15 GB OF LTE-The data volume of up to 150 MBit/s for 19,99 euros in the month of. Add to this a one-off cost of 43,94 Euro (port price + shipping). That alone would be a major deal, but MediaMarkt creates a voucher in the amount of 350 Euro on top of it.

This yields the following Cost Accounting:

  • Basic fee: 24 × 19,99 Euro in the month of
  • Connection Fee: 39,99 Euro
  • Shipping Cost: $ 3.95
    = added together 523,70 Euro after 24 months minimum term

Minus the voucher in the amount of 350 euros 173,70 Euro for the Collective left. This corresponds to approx. 7.24 Euro in the month – a very reasonable price for a data flat with 15 GB of LTE in the Telecom network. The coupon you can, for example, for a iPad or Android Tablet with LTE-function redeem.

APPLE iPad Cellular (2020) 32 GB

APPLE iPad Cellular (2020) 32 GB

APPLE iPad Pro 11 Cellular (2020) 128 GB

APPLE iPad Pro 11 Cellular (2020) 128 GB

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7 LTE 128 GB

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7 LTE 128 GB

The Details of the tariff at a Glance:

  • Provider: Mobilcom-Debitel
  • Tariff: Telekom green Data XL special
  • Network: Telekom
  • 15 GB OF LTE-Volume of data (up to 150 MBit/s)
  • The phone is not possible, the SMS costs 19 cents per SMS
  • EU Roaming included
  • 24 Months Minimum Contract Period Of 3 Months Notice Period

Collective bargain in the Telecom network: you need to observe

Browsing with a speed of up to 150 MBit/s on the go in the Telecom network, and have a maximum upload speed of 10 MBit/s. However, we recommend the contract to terminate in a timely mannerbecause the fee from the 25. Month 29,99 Euro is rising.

Also, you should note that the offer only up to and including 30.04.2021 applies. Such Collective bargain in the Telecom network are few and far between, so interested people should not hesitate too long.

What you should generally prior to the conclusion of a mobile phone contract, pay attention, explains Frank here in the Video:

Why do I need a data plan?

A pure data plan is perfect for a Tablet, Laptop, or as a Second card in a Dual SIM Smartphone. So, you can lead discussions on other maps, but the Telecom network to the mobile Browsing. The Dual-SIM feature is now found in many Smartphones. Tablets with LTE, there are also many that are the current recommendations of Stiftung Warentest:

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