6 Bitcoin securities for the Depot

The price of Bitcoin climbs to a new all-time high after the next. However, a lot of investors are still standing on the side line because you don’t want to leave the familiar surroundings of your securities accounts. In the meantime, however, there are enough traditional securitisations, which can also be used without a knowledge of the Wallet and a Token in the classic Depot posted. We therefore show six reputable Bitcoin securities, which can put everyone in the vault.

Both private investors as well as institutional investors who wish to purchase tokens, or may not, provide access to the growth market of crypto currencies, more and more Fund companies and Asset management traditionally asset-backed securities, for example, have Bitcoin as the base value. It thus makes use of the infrastructure of the old world, with securities, WKN, respectively, the ISIN and CSD, etc.

The crypto – and traditional financial market, together back getting closer and closer and allow for ever larger inflows of funds in the crypto-market. Those who bet on rising prices can therefore look forward to the current development.

Not Wall Street, but Frankfurt, Zurich or Vienna

Unfortunately, not every Investor can invest in each traditionally securitised securities. For one, some of the securities are not designed only for institutional or professional investors, on the other hand, each of the securities in which each country has a marketing authorisation.

Especially in the case of financial products from the USA for European investors is often difficult to purchase these directly. For this reason, we focus only on securitised Bitcoin financial products from the ROOF-space, which are also approved for private investors. European Standards ensure not only a smooth access, but also for the highest regulatory Standards.

Bitcoin securities: The Trend goes just

We are only at the beginning of this development, shows the dynamic product expansion and high demand for Bitcoin securities. Practically, in a weekly cycle, established investment companies, announce the launch of a new Bitcoin financial product. At the same time, the high demand leads to a enormous inflow of funds in the securities.

Thus, for example, has way one of our featured Bitcoin securities traded on the Deutsche Börse’s Xetra, after only a short period of time three digit million volumes of capital inflow recorded. This Bitcoin ETC Name stands for Exchange-Traded Crypto – was only launched in the summer of 2020, and has already been able to announce the end of 2020, over 250 million euros in Assets under Management.

This example shows that many investors prefer to regulated, exchange-traded securitisations as a crypto-exchange Bitcoin to.

What is a “Bitcoin shares”?

In addition to classic securities, such as Tracker certificates, whose goal is, a base value such as Bitcoin as a 1:1 replicate, there are also exchange-traded stock companies, which are heavily involved in the crypto-Ecosystem. It is often the administration of Assets, or Bitcoin Mining companies which hold large amounts of Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies.

Their share prices have gone in the last few weeks, often hundreds of percent, and have continued to outperform Austria to the Bitcoin rate. The extent to which it is advisable to put this stock into the Portfolio, we are discussing also in the cover story of our new crypto-compass-issue.


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