Automation in attack and defense

IT Trends 2021 Automation in attack and defense

The IT security experts from Watchguard have thought, what Trends will shape the coming year. As the main theme has emerged in the process, the automation, the can attackers, both as a defence serve.


Cyber criminals mimic the web sites and services, trusted supplier, to steal from the Victims of the entered data.
Cyber criminals mimic the web sites and services, trusted supplier, to steal from the Victims of the entered data.

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The Watchguard security experts expect to be replacing that in the year 2021 automation tools, approaches manual in the context of Spear-Fishing attacks increasingly. Thus, Social Media channels and corporate websites can be according to individual information searched, and also the abuse runs directly automated. According to the forecast, the attacker will take advantage of continued Fears about the pandemic.

However, the opposition can run in a fully automated. Especially the providers of large Cloud platforms can prevent with automation tools and validation technologies for the utilization of their services for cyber-attacks using fake login pages.

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The Trend to the home office and, as a result, the increased use of VPN and Remote-Desktop-Protocol solutions, will also arrive in the case of the cyber criminal. According to Watchguard will double the attacks in this scenario.

Cyber criminals are always looking for the weakest links in the defense chain.

Corey Nachreiner

On many devices, outdated Software that is difficult to patch or update running. In January 2021, the Support for the ends Windows 7. The company should make improvements swiftly to make the hackers access to the devices as difficult as possible.

In connection with the automated authentication attacks and the in the Dark Web-accessible user data, security experts see another risk for online-based services without multi-factor authentication.

“The increase in home-based work, a new, attractive attack surface. Moreover, it is assumed that new technologies related to automation and AI will not be left to the ‘Good’. Ultimately, it is only to be the decisive step ahead,“ says Corey Nachreiner, CTO at Watchguard Technologies, is the location.

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