86.000 Vacancies for IT professionals

Staff wanted 86.000 Vacancies for IT professionals

IT experts are needed in times of digitization, more and more frequently, however, they are for years, a lack of goods. According to a survey by the digital Association Bitkoms 86.000 for IT professionals in all industries are currently free.


Reliability and team skills are one of the most important Personality characteristics of applicants.
Reliability and team skills are one of the most important Personality characteristics of applicants.

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For years, to be sought in Germany’s IT-specialists wringing his hands, the Corona has changed-pandemic nothing. The digital Association Bitkom reports in a study to the labour market for IT professionals 86.000 open positions. This is the second highest ever recorded since the first survey in 2011. 2019, with a peak of 124,000 unfilled Jobs was reported. Thus, the value decreased compared to the previous year by 31 percent, however, he is not to be despised.

In the survey, 853 managing Director and head of personnel of companies in all industries, exclusive of agriculture and the public sector, were interviewed. Consequently, 70 percent of all companies surveyed complain currently about the lack of IT professionals. In 2019, it was 83 percent. However, the personal search takes on average six months. In the process, 47 percent of the companies report that the IT Jobs can be slower to be filled than other positions.

“Even during the corona crisis, Germany suffers from a shortage of IT professionals. The crisis has revealed in all industries, deficits in the digitization and digitization push, which makes the demand for IT specialists soon increase again“, says Bitkom President Achim Berg. “Especially during the crisis, decides which businesses can be set up successfully for the digital future.”

Programmers and IT shops looking for

52 percent of all companies with vertical IT Jobs find Software developer or Software architect. 35 percent of companies are looking for IT application managers or IT administrators. Data Scientists or Big Data experts are sought by 8 percent, and 6 percent are in need of IT project Manager or IT project coordinators. 5 percent of companies with open IT jobs want to hire IT security experts, 3 per cent, IT Service consultants, and 2 percent of engineers for industry 4.0, or robotics.

Top skills the candidate

In addition to technical competence, so-called Soft Skills play in employees looking for a role. Accordingly, 97 percent of all surveyed companies are demanding reliability as well as 95 percent of a team’s ability from their applicants. One of the Top three of the competencies and Personality characteristics also analytical with 88 percent Thinking. Furthermore, knowledge of the German language are for 87 percent and 82 percent of General communication skills. However, empathy (21 %) and intercultural competence (26 %) do not belong to the unconditional requirement of applicants, however, like to be seen. Thus, 66 percent of new employees empathy and 59 percent of intercultural competence.

Germany's IT workers are not the most happy.


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