A Samsung Smartwatch with Android would only losers

The only manufacturer of technologically compete with the Apple Watch, Samsung with the current Galaxy-Watch-Generation. But suddenly, on rumours that Samsung would like to change in this year with a new Smartwatch on the Android operating system Wear OS. This would, in my opinion, only disadvantages. A commentary by Peter Hryciuk.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung Smartwatch with Android? No, thank you!

Samsung has decided early on to use Tizen as its own operating system for the Galaxy watch. The advantage of this is that the manufacturer can customize the Software to their own needs and not to a third party is instructed. This also applies to the Hardware. Samsung operates in these products so on a Level with Apple. Accordingly, the functions can be implemented, which it is in competition with Wear OS. For example, the measurement of blood pressure or ECG. Both of these features, the Samsung has upgraded.

All the more inexplicable, it is for me, why would Samsung want to suddenly change the operating system. There is no Android Smartwatch on the market, the customers are really satisfied. Especially the battery life is a Problem. Here is Samsung watches create at least two to three days, while an Android watch comes with a large battery, just on the day. There are also advantages in the App-support. The main Apps are also supported by Tizen. Self-Samsung Pay works now, so you can pay with the Smartwatch contactless. Google Pay would be nice, but may not be the only reason.

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Peter Hryciuk05.12.2020

Google has been developing Wear OS grinding

Google has shown in recent years that the development of Wear OS is asleep. The company also makes no sign that this will change something. Not for nothing, many manufacturers of Android decide on a Smartwatch. The operating system consumes too much energy. Thus, the Performance is good, you must install the latest processor, which is not made by each manufacturer. On a Samsung watch I’ve never had problems with the performance. Where would be the advantage of Wear OS is on a Samsung Smartwatch? I see the best of intentions, only disadvantages.

I am recently upgraded from an old Samsung Gear S3 Galaxy Watch Active 2 and do not regret the exchange absolutely. The Smartwatch can finally exploit the full range of functions and accompanied me on my E-Bike tours and pushes me to the notifications on the phone, I want to see really. Everything works perfectly with the Galaxy S21. Android I don’t miss the watch, even if I can’t do on the phone at it.

The Samsung Smartwatch of my choice:

Can Samsung to bring Google to improve Wear OS?

Now we don’t know what happens behind the Scenes. Samsung has helped Google to make Android great. Maybe Samsung Google also brings to optimize the Wear OSto improve the energy demand and to increase the Performance, this one has compared to Tizen no cons. Then I would be also available for Android on a Samsung Smartwatch. Currently, I can’t imagine that, so I hope that Samsung will remain in Tizen.

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