American big city wants to pay civil servants in the future with Bitcoin

In Miami in the U.S. state of Florida, with Mayor Francis Suarez, a very Bitcoin-affine city head. Forbes magazine, he confided to his ambitions.

The mayor of Miami Francis Suarez in a conversation with the US business magazine Forbes an insight into his political ambitions delivered. These relate to currencies, the technology sector and, in particular, Crypto. Finally, Suarez is convinced that Bitcoin will be the “biggest story of the next couple of years”.

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There are three approaches pursued by Francis Suarez, Miami, and from its high of Bitcoin-affinity witnesses. So the administration is considering to allow municipal employees to choose whether they want to get your salary in Bitcoin is paid. Furthermore, citizens should be offered to pay local fees and taxes in Bitcoin or other crypto currency. As a Third Treasury of the city is planning a part of your investment in Bitcoin, to create what would be a first for the large cities in the United States (and possibly worldwide).

A specific amount of investment, the Miami create intends to called Suarez Forbes nevertheless, not. He indicated, however, that he is in search of a public-private partnership. This would have for the private Partner the advantage of this would receive a part of the reward for assuming the risk of the public page.

Miami wants to take the example of Wyoming

This risk Suarez is perfectly aware of this, as he admits openly. The city’s Fund of Miami holds no resources, but relies almost entirely on cash. The investment intention in reason, only the more remarkable. Since it is obvious that Suarez has been with the Bitcoin Ecosystem. In the scene, he is no stranger: He performed at Bitcoin events and would like to also bring the Bitcoin 2021 Conference in Miami.

Miami’s mayor also looks beyond the boundaries of his city, and follows the Events in the other U.S. States. His goal is to bring crypto laws in style from Wyoming to Florida. He has turned already to the Wall Street veteran and crypto expert, Caitlin Long. She was a member of the Wyoming Blockchain Task Force. In addition, Suarez won the Minister of Finance of Florida, Jimmy Patronis, into the boat. Together they want to bring in a bill in the state legislature, the Bitcoin brings to the rules in the style of Wyoming to Florida. Does not belong to those who appreciate the potential of crypto-currencies, the mayor of Miami, so certainly.