The Measurement of the SugarCRM world

SugarCRM is an Open-Source? The Measurement of the SugarCRM world

SugarCRM put a fresh Wind in the CRM market, which was basically already occupied, from vendors such as Siebel, SAP and Salesforce. With the concept of a commercial Open Source product, the supplier was also very well received.


SugarCRM comes with a few special features.
SugarCRM comes with a few special features.

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When there is a change from Version 6 to 7, there have been fundamental Changes in the SugarCRM world. Up to Version 6, there was a free Version, co-developed SugarCRM, and has maintained, as well as several commercial versions. For these, there were in addition to serving more value through increased functionality, for example, an Outlook or Lotus-Notes-Plugin, you could set permissions more granular, and more modules on it came up. “On the cost-free Version is developed in the framework of the GPL licensing of the today available on the market CRM products vTiger and SuiteCRM,” says Mirco Müller, managing Director at Insignio, has written a thick computer science textbook of SugarCRM.

The big break for the version of exchange

The paradigm shift in SugarCRM Version 7 was the fact that the freely available Open-Source variant, no longer maintained itself, but in the hands of the Community was given. SugarCRM self-employed only with the commercial variants.

“The are only sold commercially, however, can be used in projects because of the existing Open-Source licensing, as some freedom is taken out, which is so only in the Open-Source environment possible,” says book author Müller.

The background is that the Software Stack of SugarCRM is based on Frameworks such as Javascript, different database options, and PHP. A Quasi-organizing clamp the Sugar Sidecar Framework, the Framework of SugarCRM that links the individual components here. With this structure, it is easily possible, a new module in the Central interface to integrate Workflows plan or to implement Reporting functions.

Extensions through acquisitions

“The change in strategy also is one approach that SugarCRM extended for about three years, the scope of the function through acquisitions. Marketing Automation, BI-functions, an integration platform, and the soon-coming Version 11 and AI functions. These extensions are Open Source and only the Cloud Version available.

“Besides the fact that Software vendors will only need to maintain one Version, when you deploy via Cloud, is also likely to play this module, providing a role that SugarCRM concludes, after my experience, preferably Cloud projects,” said Müller. “But – and this plays in the financial sector and in the medium-sized quite a role – if you waive the add-on modules, or other solutions, you can SugarCRM great as On-Premises product in their own data center or a service provider to operate, while here the possibilities are always low, because otherwise, almost all on the Cloud.”

Book and sales tool

Insignio consists of an advertising Agency, a digital Agency that deals with Websites, portals and Apps, and the CRM business unit, which accounts for about 70 percent of sales. To thrust Insignio Müller 2006, with CRM know-how in your hand Luggage. In 2007, the company was a Partner of SugarCRM. Previously, he worked as a Management consultant in the CRM environment.

The first edition of the “SugarCRM” was published in 2009 in the case of Galileo Press. “For Insignio is to be a good sales tool, because customers have to say: Who writes 360-pages-books on a topic, you will also have to know a little about that,” says Müller.