For Sony, it has been running for a long time, very difficult to see in the Smartphone market. The recently released Figures show the debacle as clearly as never before. As long as Sony can stick to the phone business?


Sony always sold fewer Smartphones

We have already reported several times about the fact that Sony has problems with its Xperia Smartphones. The interest in the mobile phones is simply not available. Instead of changing something to the devices, and to serve the market better, you are on the demonstrably failed strategy and get again the receipt. 4. Quarter of 2020 could sell Sony just one Million of Xperia mobile phones. These are 23 percent less than in the previous year in the same period reported GSMArena. Although the Xperia 5 II is actually a attractive Smartphone couldn’t do it for Sony to convince the customers.

While the Sony phones, the 4. Quarter of 2020 were sold, almost on one Hand can count, wins the competition properly. Apple was able to sell in the same period, about 90 million iPhones. Samsung came to 73.9 million. Xiaomi is happy about 43.3 million sales and Oppo, and Huawei come on over 30 million. Sony is off incredibly far from the competition is that you have to ask the question, how long will the Xperia phones at all. According to Sony, the division is important for the company. If you look at the sales figures, Sony is but of little importance to the customers.

The last glimmer of hope from Sony:

Sony live from PlayStation

Well possible that the cell phone project, Sony is still something of a Hobby. The large profits to be made in the company with the PlayStation and other entertainment media. The profit could be massively increased, so that even the forecast for this year was raised. It would be nice if Sony would understand the needs of the customer in the case of mobile phones as well as for the PlayStation 5. Then the phones would again be decent sell. Currently, no improvement is in sight, as Sony adopted more and more in the retail uninteresting, the professional field.