Apple gives away a great app for the iPhone

In the past, every child and every adult knew several at once, but in today’s world, the practical helpers have been forgotten – wrongly. With the free app in the App Store you will get to know more than 150 of them and you can imitate them with the help of a step-by-step guide. In an emergency, it could even save your life. And the best thing: while owners of an Android smartphone have to pay just under 10 euros, they are currently available for free on the iPhone.

Handy Node app: Free on iPhone, Android users have to pay

Whether sailing, climbing or fishing: knots are indispensable when it comes to establishing a firm hold. However, many people today are no longer familiar with node science. This is not only a regrettable loss of culture, in an emergency it could even cost lives – for example at sea or while climbing. This is exactly where the “Node 3D” app comes in. iPhone users currently get them for free, while owners of an Android smartphone with 9.49 euros have to dig really deep into their pockets:

Node 3D (Nodes 3D)

Node 3D (Nodes 3D)


Tie, untie and rotate 160+ knots with your finger in 3D!

Node 3D, our world-class 3D node app will give you a completely new perspective on nodes! Grab a piece of rope and have fun!

Product features and Fu … more

3D Knots
Learn to tie more than 160 knots in 3D! … more

In total, more than 160 nodes can be found in the partly free appwhich are divided into several categories. The range is wide: from special knots for camping or fishing to decorative knots to climbing knots, everything is included. All nodes are clearly displayed in a 3D representation and can be rotated and zoomed.

Note: If you secure the “Node 3D” app for free now, you can install it again for free at any time later.

All nodes are available as step-by-step instructions. Especially convenient: The app offers a number of languages, including German, French, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Turkish or English.

In this video we show apps that should not be missing on any mobile phone:

Node 3D: How does the app perform?

In the Google Play Store, “Node 3D” usually costs 9.49 euros, but despite the high price, it is rated very well with 4.8 out of 5 possible stars. Even better is the rating in the Apple App Store with 4.9 out of 5 possible stars. “Top! I have rarely seen a better and faster help for creating nodes and bundles, “ writes one in the Play Store. “The most striking thing is the good 3D representation of the nodes,” praises another in the App Store. A lot of positive feedback, so the free download is worth it.

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