As Alkira Networking will revolutionize

Network-Cloud-as-a-Service As Alkira Networking will revolutionize

SD-WAN was yesterday, if it goes according to the wishes of the brothers Amir and Atif Khan. You have collected for your company Alkira 76 million dollars in capital. So you want to market your idea to the network Cloud. The chances are not bad.


Amir Khan, together with his brother, co-founder of the SD-WAN-pioneer Viptela, want with Alkira for the Cloud network market belonging to cheer.
Amir Khan, together with his brother, co-founder of the SD-WAN-pioneer Viptela, want with Alkira for the Cloud network market belonging to cheer.

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The Khan brothers have left in the environment of the Cloud Networking is already an impressive footprint. As a co-founder you have worked significantly to the development of the SD-WAN-pioneer Viptela, a company that is gone in 2017 to more than $ 600 million to Cisco. Since then, they have worked in silence at the idea of a network Cloud. With the now successfully completed the second round of Investment, you want to leave now, the “Stealth mode” and your company on a global scale.

Overview Alkira Cloud Services Exchange
Overview Alkira Cloud Services Exchange

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The idea behind it sounds simple but captivating. To far traffic has renal networks completely as a Service to be provisioned Alkira a global infrastructure, the Alkira Cloud Services Exchange (CSX). This is a Network-Cloud connectivity for hybrid and Multi-Cloud networks, including network and security services, as well as through transparency and the Governance of the company provides. Users can create a customized global network infrastructure, virtually as if on a canvas, to procure, without its own Hardware or the network administer.

Worldwide infrastructure of distributed

This is based on a globally distributed infrastructure with “Cloud Exchange Points” (CXPs), the virtual Points-of-Presence with a full Routing Stack, as well as various network-Service-skills.

The establishment of an individual Multi-Cloud network infrastructure is made up of three steps. After registering at Alkira is a Portal that allows you to set the desired configuration using a Point-and-Click will open. A map shows the worldwide distributed CXPs. The user selects the nearest CXP, as well as the existing Cloud instances such as AWS VPC, Microsoft Azure VNets, or Google Cloud Platform VPCs, and thus establishes the connectivity.

In the same way, the Connections to the Remote are made Sites. First of all, the home offices, branch, Datacenter, etc. nearest Alkira Exchange Point is selected and connected. For the Last-Mile Connectivity, IPsec, Cisco SD-WAN, and AWS Direct Connect methods are available. The only fly in the ointment: The link from Remote Sites to Remote Sites is currently not supported.

Once configured, the deployment of Services on Demand with a simple click. The Cloud Service, Exchange automatically creates all the necessary elements for the selected Design, and established the Connections. At the same time, Billing for the actual data transmission starts. Depending on the number of locations, the Public-Cloud-instances and the respective network Services to the provision of the complete network takes, according to Alkira just 10 minutes – a smidge in comparison with manual Network provisioning.

In addition to the network services Alkira offers the option of a SaaS/Internet Access with Cloud-Firewall-Security. Similarly, the ability to create network-segments exists. Remote Sites, Cloud instances, network Services and Internet-Exit-Point can be assigned to a Segment in order to achieve end-to-end End-to-End Isolation. So that even sensitive applications, Compliance can be moved to the Cloud.

Alkira provides for three main use cases for the Service: The connection of locations with a Public Cloud, linking Public Cloud with another, as well as regional SaaS/Internet Access.

Practicality demonstrated

A connection between the data centers, Campus, branch offices or home offices, and Cloud instances to establish, support Alkira any Mix of AWS VPCs, Azure VNets, or GCP VPCs. The easiest method to link Remote Sites is to use an IPsec tunnel. Users of Cisco SD-WAN solutions, automatic connectivity to Public Cloud resources is available.

It can also be booked with additional Services such as Firewalls or Intent-based Policies. The same is true also for the combination of Public Clouds to Public Clouds. For the regional Internet – and SaaS-Access distributed Exit Points are available worldwide. Optional operation with or without Internet-Access is possible. In conjunction with a Cloud Firewall, the latency can be reduced significantly, which is associated with a Backhaul of data traffic in a data center.

This all works in practice, obviously, shows the example of the Koch Industriesafter all , one of the largest companies in the United States with 130,000 employees and a turnover of 115 billion dollars. After Alkira had set up a global production network including a Backbone and expansion of the network in Multi-Cloud functionality, decided to Chase cook as the head of the Investment branch of the company, the second evaluation round, to enable Alkira to make the leap in global marketing.

“Koch Industries is a major customer of Cloud providers,” he explains. “Given our size, it is an agile, global, End-to-End network for our competitiveness and our growth is of vital importance. We have seen first-Hand how Alkira the Transition of a company to the Cloud easier.“

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