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Horizons 2021: Fujitsu Big in Japan

Fujitsu stresses at present, the identity as a Japanese company. From Japan, concepts such as the Service-Hub and the focus on the consulting business, in which the German Channel, however, its place must be found.


Fujitsu relies more on Services and stressed at the same time, the identity as a Japanese company with virtues in the Tradition of the Samurai.
Fujitsu relies more on Services and stressed at the same time, the identity as a Japanese company with virtues in the Tradition of the Samurai.

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Japan was in the 1980s, similar to China today, to determine as an industrial nation, which is preparing to take on a technologically the top of the world. Such visions of the future of SF, as formulated, for example, author William Gibson in his Cyberpunk novels, and the German Band Alphaville landed in 1984 with the Song “Big in Japan” a number 1 Hit.

The Vision of a Japanese-dominated world has not been fulfilled. Japan is one of the leading industrial Nations, but rather on co-operation than on domination. This is also reflected in the strategy of Fujitsu, which is, for example, strongly on Co-creation, i.e. on collaborative Engagement. The Japanese identity, the group also stresses with the campaign, “In the heart of a Samurai”, with the help of Fujitsu’s Product-Channel-in-chief Santosh Wadwa wants to demonstrate that his company is oriented to the typical Samurai virtues and these, together with the partners to implement.

Complementary to the topic

From ARM to SPARC: Fujitsu processor manufacturer

Fujitsu has for many years produced its own SPARC CPUs, the current Generation will be used in the own M10-Mainframes. In addition, the group is also dedicated to future concepts such as ARM processors for supercomputers orientation. Thus, the presented this year, A64FX forms the Basis for Fugaku, the currently fastest Supercomputer. The processor with 48 CPU cores for Computing Workloads, and up to four additional cores for supporting tasks has been specially developed for Supercomputing. It is also used in the PrimeHPC models FX1000 and FX700.

In the Fugaku, the currently fastest Supercomputer, working A64FX-ARM-processors from Fujitsu.
In the Fugaku, the currently fastest Supercomputer, working A64FX-ARM-processors from Fujitsu.

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In addition, Fujitsu has developed with the Digital Annealer a Chip that can be solved with conventional digital technology, similar combinatorial problems in logistics, the optimization of production or in the financial sector, such as a quantum computer. With the quantum-inspired Chip Fujitsu wants to close the gap until the “real”, fully functional and practical quantum chips are available, what is currently the case. A further development of the Japanese manufacturer, an AI Chip with the name Deep Learning Unit (DLU) is.

Less Partner, but the with more sales

With the closure of the Augsburg-based plant in September, Fujitsu has adopted a further part of Siemens ‘ Tradition. The production of Desktop computers, servers, and Storage systems takes place in Asia, the final Assembly of the Czech contract manufacturers. The laptops have been manufactured for years, entirely in Japan. The product business takes for Fujitsu to be a high control value. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a decline in the industry, and a Dent in the middle class, while the business with public authorities went well. In education, the administration and the health care there was a tremendous acceleration in the digitization. The pandemic has also had an impact on the partner landscape, and explains Wadwa: “We have found that we have lost during Covid something the Partner breadth.” There was probably a certain amount of consolidation in the case of small system houses. However, the number of partners that were able to achieve with Fujitsu sales growth was increased.

Service Hub: Starting in October 2021 for the Channel

Many of the system houses, especially the business Services has increased, what is for Fujitsu, a confirmation of the strategy with a strong focus on the hybrid Cloud, and Consulting. With the Service Hub Fujitsu has launched a platform for IT Managed Services, the customers only get access to Managed Services from Fujitsu, but also the offers of other Software-as-a-Service providers and large Hyper scaler. The selection of services is via a uniform user interface similar to the one in an Online Shop. By far-reaching modularization and automation is the provision of complex Services, such as customized SAP environments and, in only one or a few days. Usually the several weeks. In Japan, the Service Hub is already in operation in Germany, the Launch for April 2021, it is planned. The initial customers of the Fujitsu inventory to make computing centre in Neckarsulm, which will be gradually migrated to the new platform. After that, customers from different vertical segments, for Fujitsu consulting established services follow large.

Santosh Wadwa, Head of Product Channel Sales Central Europe at Fujitsu.

Santosh Wadwa, Head of Product Channel Sales Central Europe at Fujitsu.

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For the Partner of the Service Hub is expected to be October, 2021 up to date. Here are the Services need to be defined for the Channel interesting. According to Wadwa, the Co-creation concept plays a Central role in order to develop together with the partners the right solutions. The Distribution should also be included. How is that supposed to happen, but it is still open. “The integration in a Three-Tier model is significantly more challenging than in the case of a Two-Tier topic with a few selected partners”, explains the Product-Channel-in-chief. About 95 percent of the partners are connected via the Distribution. Therefore, here, the manufacturer had to invest a lot of energy to the platform together. The topic of Consulting will be also developed jointly with the partners, so that here also the system houses find their place. The goal is, “together, a base for the Channel of the future,” said Wadwa more. Datacenter as a Service, Fujitsu is also on the Agenda, there is currently a strong demand for Leasing Services.

New partner platform and the home office Configurator

In January 2021, Fujitsu is launching the first Layer of the new Partner Ecosystem platform on which partners come together to pool individual competencies. Interesting that according to Wadwa, especially for smaller partners, who can, together, can reach customers that they could not operate alone. A second Layer follows the middle of the year. The new platform is open to all partners. However, the Select Expert Partner to enjoy the benefits of visibility. Another new deal for partners the home office Configurator. With it, users can combine the right devices for the home office and the Partner order. On the subject of the home office of the manufacturer of switches currently even TV commercials on ARD in order to support the Partner.

Santosh Wadwa, Head of Channel Sales at Fujitsu, gave the Keynote address on the virtual partner day.