Bitcoin betting without BTC how does it work?

The price of Bitcoin rises and rises. However, not only BTC offers enthusiasts on a green candle. How you can benefit over traditional title from the Hype.

Those who want to participate in the Bitcoin price, which had to fight first, through the thickets of Exchanges, Wallets, and co., at the end of the day with a physical Bitcoin from time to time. Quite a time-consuming and for many practically feasible. But times are changing. In the meantime, not only savvy Hodler of Bitcoins dream returns feast, but also traditionally set stockbrokers can. With stock exchange companies like MicroStrategy, Square, and co. Bitcoin reaches a quasi-detours in the Portfolio. Three ways to participate in the Bitcoin price, without having BTC.

Again and again, MicroStrategy

MicroStrategy is all the rage. Since the company transitioned to exchange its US Dollar reserves into Bitcoin, the share price is actually only one direction: namely, to the North. While the MSTR-share (WKN: 722713 / ISIN: US5949724083) since the dot-com bubble was quoted in the no-man’s land between 50 and 200 dollars, she knows since mid-2020, no more. Currently MSTR listed at 815 USD and has multiplied, therefore, to the same time last Year, already eight. Because a year ago today, a share of micro stratgey kostetet 136 USD, the company had a growth rate of about 500 per cent in 12 months.

The share price of MSTR is unique.

This is huge. Especially when you consider that Bitcoin is grown in the same period, “only” 430 percent. The company, whose core business is the distribution of Business Intelligence Software, the effect on the stock market as a kind of a leveraged bet on a bullish Bitcoin price.

To explain the increase in the highly aggressive Bitcoin-purchasing policy of the leadership of the company. Meanwhile, MicroStrategy holds a whopping 90.513 BTC – more than any other stock exchange companies.

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The dream returns of the company has changed except the BTC accumulation polititk actually none of your business model, shows that the market assistance opportunities to participate in BTC.

However, a MSTR-Investment is not without risk. Finally, the stock shows the course of these days all the characteristics of a classic bubble. Because while the Treasurer of the company sits on the largest digital gold treasure in the stock market history, the core business remains unchanged. The PE Ratio, i.e. the ratio between the stock price and the earnings per share is 3.294 as high as in any other Nasdaq-listed companies. Typically a value between 10 and 100. All the traditional stock market models MSTR is overrated, therefore, by several orders of magnitude.

Square: infrastructure for Bitcoiners

But, you guessed it, MicroStrategy has not found as a single stock exchange company in the Bitcoin Standard. Also prominent is the payment services provider Square (WKN: A143D6 / ISIN: US8522341036) is placed. With its Cash App, the Twitter man Jack Dorsey, the company founded on competitors like PayPal and an early acceptance of the crypto-currency no. 1 out.

Already in October 2020, the FinTech from the United States exchanged 50 million dollars in BTC. Compared with the recent commitment to the digital Gold that was just a drop on the hot stone. Because at 24. In February we received the news that the payment service provider has parked a further 170 million USD in the safe Bitcoin port. Known to the additional commitment in the money of the future in the latest was Shareholder Letterso the summary of fiscal year 2020.

That Square is fully committed to BTC, also shows the number of times the word Bitcoin shows up in the document: as much as 63 Times. The Square stock is overvalued with a Price-Earnings Ratio of 350, according to Adam Ries, actually.

Price-Earnings Ratio Square.

The investors don’t seem to mind though: Square listed on the year, compared with 186 percent. Lastly, the shareholders are acknowledged, square a one-time BTC-commitment behaviour. The course is situated in week view with 13 percent in the Minus.

Nevertheless, the title is without a doubt a bet on a continued bullish over the course of the crypto currency. Because, in addition to the now 8,000 to BTC, slumbering in the Cold Storage of the company, worked out, the company, under the direction of Bitcoiners Jack Dorsey to the acceptance of digital gold. As the daughter of Square Crypto is dedicated exclusively to the Development of the infrastructure for a future Bitcoin Standard.

With Northern Data on Mining participate

230 percent growth of the share compared to last year speak for themselves: The Northern Data AG is the third company in the League of the crypto-winner. Formerly founded as Northern Bitcoin AG, has focused the company in its early years on the Mining of digital Coins. In the meantime, the group has a broad and could withstand the long dry spell in the last bear market of 2018.

Among other things, Northern Data mobile Bitcoin mining in Norway operates. The calculus was clear: In the Northern climes, you could save on energy costs to cool the graphics cards.

Now, however, the highly competitive Mining market is by no means the only pillar of the company. Rather, the exchange operating company (WKN:A0SMU8) has operated in the so-called High performance Computing (HPC). Bitcoin Mining is only one of many applications for mobile HPC Units. A bullisher Bitcoin market brings so also the Northern Data AG in the green. Because the larger the global BTC-acceptance, Rate the higher the Hash.