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Unlike its predecessors, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 no longer relies on Samsung’s own Tizen operating system, but on Google’s Wear OS. The desire of the users was correspondingly great that you should also be able to use the Google Assistant on the smartwatch. This wish was fulfilled this week. All this and more in this issue of GIGA Insights.

The topics of the week at a glance:

Galaxy Watch: Bye bye Bixby

With the launch of the Galaxy Watch 4 with Google’s Wear OS 3.0, the desire for a special function was expressed: the Google Assistant on the Galaxy Watch. This is exactly what was published this week. In this episode of GIGA Insights, Robert shares his first experiences with the Google Assistant on his wrist.

New Motorola with Mega camera

Motorola, which now belongs to Lenovo, wants to face the competition with a special mobile phone camera. As it was announced, the presentation of the new flagship with a 200-megapixel camera is due in July.
But: megapixels are by no means everything, even the size of the sensor, as well as the quality of the camera software have a strong influence on the fact that the shots taken also turn into a decent photo. So we won’t find out how the camera will perform until the summer.

Why not only megapixels are important, you will learn in this episode of TECHfacts:

Online casinos are asked to pay

The Higher Regional Court of Frankfurt has decided that users of online casinos can now claim their losses, because the casinos can be classified as illegal until mid-2021. However, they will probably not do so voluntarily. If you want to get your lost money, you should hire a lawyer.

Google AI generates cute animal pictures

AI researchers from Google have collaborated with “Imagen“ presented a new system that can create photorealistic images based on text input.
The system is demonstrated using a series of AI-generated animal photos: a raccoon with an astronaut suit, a Shiba inu on a mountain bike, a corgi in a house made of sushi.
The AI is not publicly available, but the demo images are absolutely worth seeing.

Rubot matures into an arbitrage platform that offers traders a variety of transaction execution options

Rubot has established a reputation as arbitrage and automated trading platform that enables users...

A powerful terminal called Rubot enables instantaneous cryptocurrency trades

Rubot has established itself as an arbitrage and robotic automated trading platform, enabling users... evolves as an arbitrage platform that enables users to trade in various ways. has established itself as automated robotic trading and arbitrage platform, enabling users to...