Cancom buys IT system house Anders & Rodewyk

Expertise and experience in the Datacenter environment Cancom buys IT system house & Rodewyk

Cancom takes over the system home is Different from & Rodewyk from Hannover, Germany is far with around 70 employees, an annual turnover of 27 million euros. The transaction is still subject to cartel office title.


Rudolf Hotter, the CEO of Cancom
Rudolf Hotter, the CEO of Cancom

(Image: Canocm)

Cancom wants to expand with the purchase of a Different & Rodewyk its presence in the North of Germany. The customer base of the company consist primarily of customers in the health and education sectors, as well as the middle class together. Special offer focuses on the areas of data centre infrastructure and associated integration and consulting services. The Portfolio of Anders & Rodewyk is to be integrated into the Service offerings of Cancom.

“With the purchase, we gain new colleagues with great expertise and experience in the Datacenter environment,” says Rudolf Hotter, CEO of Cancom. “The customer base as well as the high-quality and high-margin business with data center-related services is an excellent fit to Cancom.”

The founders and shareholders of Anders & Rodewyk, Bernward Anders and Jens Rodewyk, with your employees part of Cancom. Thus the company gains access to the whole of the Cancom Portfolio.

“We will be able to lift within the structure of Cancom with our Datacenter solutions quickly synergies”, says Anders. “Our customers will benefit from the extension of the Cancom Portfolio. So that we can serve our customers more comprehensively. We look forward to working with them.“