Cyber threats to promote Managed Services

Fernao Trend Report: Managed Security Services, 2020 Cyber threats to promote Managed Services

The fear of loss of control company prevented so far, in cooperation with external service providers decide due to the increasing complexity of ICT systems, increased cyber attacks, as well as lack of skilled personnel to external assistance.


Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) in many companies, more and more to operate as well as the security of ICT systems.
Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) in many companies, more and more to operate as well as the security of ICT systems.

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According to the trend report by Fernao Managed Security Services have become a Central component in the ICT-business. The support by external service providers was a couple of years of rather sporadic nature, will be given today, not just individual work processes, but also to all areas of the business in the hands of External. The results of the survey revealed that 61 percent of the surveyed companies are already part of the tasks related to your IT infrastructure. This includes, especially, help Desk, Support and IT Security services offerings for classic IT infrastructure components such as data centers and networks, but also Services for vendor-specific IT applications.

The importance of external service providers in all company sizes and industries. According to the Report, 52.8 per cent of the companies with a size from 500 to 5,000 employees on external assistance.

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Reasons for Outsourcing

Since IT is becoming increasingly complex and technical personnel is scarce, there are already a lot of companies prior to constraints and organizational obstacles. This is the opportunity for service providers, system integrators and Managed Service providers (MSPs). Because the most common reason, which is why IT disciplines are outsourced, is the shortage of skilled workers (57 %). Second ranked followed closely, and at the same time due to the lack of qualified personnel due to the lack of time (52 %).

To guarantee to the own customers a 24/7 Support, use approximately 50 percent of the survey participants the service provider. A better calculation of costs (37 %), better scalability (31%), as well as regulatory requirements (23 %) are the reasons for the Outsourcing. Approximately 65 percent of the survey participants can imagine currently, other areas of your IT infrastructure to outsource.

For the majority of the companies surveyed (43,3 %) the cost of the IT outsourcing per year to less than 100,000 euros. 20.7% dig deeper into their pocket and pay more than 400,000 euros.

What are the requirements to have company to MSPs?

In General, a certain expectation to have a corporate mindset, if you are planning to have a service provider for the Management and protection of their IT components to add drag. The following features are important to you:

  • 50 %: cost transparency
  • 42.7% and: open, fast, and seamless communication
  • 37.7% of: human factor (personal Advisory services)

Security Services focus on

According to the survey, particularly Threat Detection and Alerting (54,7 %) and Monitoring (50 %) as a Managed Security Services claimed. The reason is that The early detection of cyber threats, as well as the continuous Monitoring of the IT infrastructure is increasingly becoming the focus of IT managers. Since this area is very resource-intensive, with a high volume of data, and in the analysis of potential safety discipline incidents in-depth knowledge required, it is the demand for external support is particularly high.

The use of Sandbox environments for the controlled execution of Malware activity constitutes an equally important security services with the 28.1 per cent, clearly positioned further back. Classical preventive security measures would be in the midfield close to each other: Mail Security (25 %), DNS Security (25 %), Next Gen Firewall (23 %), Vulnerability Management (23 %) and Web Security (17 %). Reactive Services such as Incident Response, to allocate 22 percent this relevance spectrum.

The fear of loss of control has hindered my ability to relate to first, 46 percent of the companies surveyed Managed Services. Also, the associated costs (44 %) deterred companies in the past.


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