The Stiftung Warentest had looked at some time ago the WhatsApp-Messenger, and recommends users to change three settings. GIGA has looked at the recommendation in Detail and assesses how meaningful the Changes really are.

Stiftung Warentest: This settings you should change when WhatsApp

Update from the 25.12.2020: To get since Christmas, many have a Smartphone and WhatsApp for the first Time install, you should the tips of the Foundation of the test were to be strictly observed. You can still apply to the same extent.

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In the case of the Stiftung Warentest has looked at the WhatsApp-Messenger, and gives recommendations on how you can create something more privacy. Many users go a little careless with the data and information that are provided via the Messenger. The Foundation makes test were attentive and called three settings that everyone should change.

  1. Profile image: The setting up of WhatsApp you are not only wearing his name, but a profile picture also invites rash of high. Can see from this point on, each. Many do not even know that you can change that. Simply go to settings, Account and privacy. There, you select the point of profile picture, and has three options: “Everyone”, “My contacts” or “Nobody”. “Everyone” should you choose not. The decision should fall between the “My contacts” and “Nobody”. You only have friends among the contacts, then My contacts on it. Otherwise, you should share the profile picture with anyone.
  2. Last online: Whom it should address, actually, what, when you was last on WhatsApp online the App is used? Actually, no one. In fact, the can’t see any changes. Under settings, Account and privacy you find the option “Last online”. Sets also from “Everyone” to “My contacts” or “Nobody”. In fact, we would recommend you in the point to choose “no one”.
  3. Read receipt: If you receive a message, then there are three different hooks, which send different information to the sender. A gray checkmark means that the message was sent. Two gray check marks mean that the message arrived. Two blue check marks indicate that you have read the message. The latter is not optimal. Who wants to send a read confirmation, in the settings, Account, privacy, and select there that a reading confirmation will be sent. So no blue check mark appear to the recipient. This Option we also recommend.

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Stiftung Warentest goes a step further

As the last step, the Stiftung Warentest recommends to go also, in the settings of the smartphone, and to withdraw there privileges. For example, for the location or the access to the memory or photos. We would not recommend. WhatsApp thus lose many important functions. For example, you can send more photos, the camera’s internal use or your location. The above-mentioned settings, but it should change everyone.