Which Samsung Smartphone sells best? A list of the current year, 2020, is now revealing. To the Surprise of many, not an expensive flagship, the Galaxy S or Note is the range top. The winner comes from the middle class.

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The best-selling Smartphones 2020 paint a clear picture: With the exception of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro that was able to secure a suitable way to 9th place in the Top 10, only devices of Apple or Samsung. The first three places on the podium only to the iPhone maker and its cult-mobile phones, first place 4 a Galaxy follows Smartphone.

Galaxy A51 is the best-selling Samsung Smartphone in 2020

Nonetheless, a high-end Smartphone, and in fourth place in the Galaxy S20 or Galaxy Note 20 is suspected, it must be a Better lecture: The best-selling Samsung Smartphone 2020 this is, in fact, Galaxy A51. The middle-class phone was PhoneArena around 23 million sold – a top value. The popularity on the price. To Market start-up cost of the Smartphone 369 Euro and was significantly cheaper than expensive flagship Smartphoneswho else is 1,000 Euro or more. In the meantime, the Galaxy A51 is even much cheaper.

Place on 5 and 6 Samsung Smartphones with the Galaxy A21s and Galaxy A01 also, as well as on 8th place. Of the ten best-selling Smartphones 2020, four come from the production halls of the South Koreans. The top Apple Samsung can’t compete with that, however. The Gold medal goes to the iPhone 11the whole 64.8 million times went.

What it has to offer, the Galaxy A51 to:

Samsung can’t compete with Apple

Despite the great success of the list, however, reveals an uncomfortable truth for Samsung: The blockbuster among the Smartphones are especially Devices from entry – level to mid-range. The margin should be here already sewn on edge. In the case of the really more expensive flagship models the industry leader not with arch-rival Apple to keep upthat could at least place the iPhone 12 Pro Max with a price of well over 1,000 euros in seventh place.