Eight steps for the network security at home

Security in the home office Eight steps for the network security at home

Mobile Working will remain so for a while. The more important it is that networks in which Job-relevant data are accordingly protected, because currently, cyber-criminals have a boom.


The home network should be secured in the home office always.
The home network should be secured in the home office always.

(Image: Photo: Alberto Grosescu)

Every Time a non-secure device is included in a network, there is the danger that cyber-tracking down criminals and in the worst case, use in the digital Private or professional life of the user to be immersed. The crucial point, many users overlook the security specialists, according to Sophos, is that it is not only Laptops and Smartphones represent gateways, but also the Home Gadgets.

IoT devices include attack surfaces

Many IoT devices based on the Linux Kernel and the Open-Source system software that is typically the core of any Linux Distribution is formed. In fact, even the smallest and most simple devices, but they often include not only a customized specialized software, but also a number of Standard Unix command lines are the tools of penetration testers in a similar way.

The following tools make use of cyber criminals to IoT devices cause harm:

  • Wired and wireless configuration utilities that make it easier to Assign and Configure network settings,
  • Download tools that can be used not only to Download files over the Internet, but also to Upload stolen data to external websites
  • Programming tools, the scripting languages included with Internet Clients and servers written as well as files can be in just a few lines of code searched
  • Tools for time planning, with which programs can be run regularly, even if no one is logged in. The goal is to discover devices that are connected to the network and
  • Tools for remote access and encryption, with which Cyber-Criminals encrypted network tunnel, can in the affected network and that is out of create.

Sophos has put together eight steps and questions that help users of the establishment and the operation of your network for the home safe.

How can you safeguard the home network?

1. Is required this device is actually online?
If not, then it should be removed from the network, or not in continuous operation, and only then on be kept, if it is needed.

2. How to update the device?
This should be known. In addition, it is advisable to use only devices by manufacturers, the security Updates ensure. A manufacturer does not, it is better to switch to a model of another provider.

3. How to configure the device?
It is important to learn what security settings are available, what they are and how they are set up to keep the devices up to date and thus safe.

4. Are risky default settings been changed?
Many IoT devices have enabled Remote Troubleshooting features, the Hacker could abuse it. Often the devices pre-installed default passwords have been able to figure out the cyber criminals. Some routers are supplied with an active Universal Plug and Play, which accidentally the Inside of a network can be placed. Before commissioning a device, should be examined, therefore, only the default settings and changed.

5. How much data will actually be shared?
If the device is connected to an Online service, it is helpful to know how many data the device is shared with, and how often. It is usually for a smooth cooperation with colleagues is not necessary to upload all data at any time. Therefore, it should be specified what is actually being shared.

6. The opportunity to work with two networks?
Some home routers allow it, a Wi-Fi access in the two networks to split, which can be managed separately. A good solution is to place about the Internet-of-things home devices on a guest network and work computers such as Laptops in a different network.

7. You can enable the Client Isolation?
Some home routers have a feature as Client Isolation described Option, shielding network devices against each other. This reduces the risk that a security vulnerability is used in a device to other computers to attack from the inside

8. I know who I’m with a Problem can apply?
If the employer has an IT Department or technical Support offering, it is important to inform yourself of who is the contact person and what information needs are most likely to be able to react quickly.