To stay on the Ball, makes all the difference

Channel focus: system house of the future To stay on the Ball, makes all the difference

The question of whether to Cloud sell solutions, not more. Who’s afraid of the Hyper scalers, gets in trouble in the market. It also applies to system houses, the much-sought-after digitization, to adjust.


Who wants to survive in the market, must remain in the case of new technologies on the Ball.
Who wants to survive in the market, must remain in the case of new technologies on the Ball.

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Recurring revenue for the system houses. Transparent payment according to actual consumption, as well as flexibility, the customer would like to. The Cloud plays a decisive role, because a Hyper-scaler enable a consumption billing. But this is everything that is the system house of the future? No. It is both Bechtle like Concat agree.

The first of these IT service providers is already in place for almost four, the other for three decades on the market. They both did according to changes. In both cases, the core message is that the success of customers determines the success of a company. It is important, therefore, to understand the business processes of the user, and to make it fit exactly – no matter whether with or without the Cloud. The client must be properly advised in terms of its IT architecture. The mere Delivery of Hardware is a thing of the past.

Trusted Advisor

“As a system we must assume also, in the future, the role of the Trusted Advisor and the customer On Premises about the hybrid scenarios to the Cloud, advise and assist,” says Melanie Schüle, managing Director of Bechtle Clouds. “Support for the orientation is just as essential as cost transparency and, above all, the optimization opportunities for clients and to demonstrate.” Whether the solution is On Premises or in the Public Cloud is, ultimately plays no role. “The customer does not usually packing a one-to-one everything in the Cloud, but migrated slowly”, Stefan tübingen, head of technology of Concat is made, the experience.

Stefan Tübinger, Technical Director at Concat
Stefan Tübinger, Technical Director at Concat

(Image: Concat)

Both are partners of the big Hyper scaler. At the same time you operate the buttons also have their own data center. Is this a contradiction? “No, because we combine the Offered data center services with Cloud”, so in tübingen. “We can provide base loads from the own datacenter and in the case of high Workloads on Hyper-scaler use.” The Public Cloud is thus rather a complement to other solutions. In addition, a specific approach is missing for business customers, often to go to the Cloud and to manage the seemingly infinite supply. “A system in-house is in any case well advised to have both the classic offerings as well as Cloud Services in the program,” advises the technical Director.

Manufacturer of change

One of the country’s most common arguments against the Cloud are concerns about privacy and security. However, due to the current Situation with Covid-19, which has led to the increased use of the home office, as well as to a rapid digitalization has increased the willingness to switch to the Cloud. While IT Security remains an important issue, the IT service provider must cover. As well as the Migration to the cloud.

Also in the case of the manufacturers of the change to come. Many of them integrate the Cloud-now in your product range. This is good, because IT service providers are mostly depending on your partner status, in turn, is made at the sales festival. Who is selling cloud services, makes less money with Hardware. The new offerings are the many long-established cooperation with the producers remains in place.

Lünendonks prospect for 2021

The revenue generated last year, especially the large-scale projects. “Our analysis shows that almost every second project of the Top 25 IT consulting had a volume of one Million euros and more,” says Mario Zillmann, Partner at Lünendonk & Hossenfelder. “This is an indication of a number of large-scale projects, as well as the increasing need for integrated Advisory and implementation projects, such as design, development and implementation of digital platforms. Especially S/4 Hana migration, Legacy modernization or the construction of digital platforms are examples of such Business-large-scale projects.“
The IT services market this year will also benefit from the Covid-19-crisis and the associated digitization of print. “Many companies see themselves forced, in the last few years, not high enough priori of catching up to do focused investment in the development of digital platforms quickly, and are under time pressure,” says Zillmann. “This is due to the lack of specialists and experience in the application of digital technologies to an increase in the demand.”
There are two main areas of Investment: first, processes in Marketing, sales and customer service are prioritised higher, digitized and networked business models. Secondly, a focus on efficiency and cost optimization with the help of digital technologies such as Cloud and Robotic Process Automation and Artificial intelligence. Nearly 40 percent of IT decision-makers want to put any more money into it.

In the case of Concat, are now selected and the manufacturer be aware of after that whether Cloud Services are available. “Although there are in some areas are still Thinking in terms of products instead of Services,” explains tübingen. “But the classic Hardware world is changing. More and more suppliers to jump on the Managed Service train, such as Aruba network solutions or HPE with Greenlake.“ A Return to the traditional business models of IT service providers will no longer exist, because the Hyper push scaler with Power on the market. “As a system in-house, AWS, or Google just outside vorzulassen, is the wrong approach,” says Schüle. “In front of the Hyper scalers is a need not be anxious. However, it must be the willingness to Change exists, to create a hybrid world. In the case of an individual consultation of the customer for both the Provider as well as the system house to get some of the cake.“

Large versus small

Easily will not make the Transformation of the system of the houses, however. New employees with the necessary competences must be set or the existing Team with new expertise, equipped, and in times of shortage of skilled workers. For the large IT service providers with their competence centres, as well as the numerous system engineers, support staff, Consultants, administrators and developers, it is easier these break tackle, than for smaller ones. Also IT providers of a recent date, have dealt from the beginning with Cloud Services and a less traditional customers operate, is expected to fall, the Transformation easier.

Melanie schuele, business führererin of Bechtle Clouds

Melanie schuele, business führererin of Bechtle Clouds

(Image: Bechtle)

Black does not see Schüle however, for smaller market participants: the “small system houses with a focus on a subject in depth, have a good chance. In addition, IT can connect service providers together. We at Bechtle work with smaller ISVs and system houses. The field of digitisation is far. No one should have to alone manage it.“ In the end it is the same for all market participants to stay on the Ball, to be by him to roll over.