For the office or home office: Eizo’s first Curved-Display

Test: Eizo: Flexscan EV3895 For the office or home office: Eizo’s first Curved-Display

With its 37,5-inch Panel in 24:10-Format of the flexscan EV3895 easily replaces two Full-HD monitors. With 1,600 pixels, the vertical resolution of the curved Panels is significantly higher. We have the giant monitor from Eizo for a Hands-on Test on the Desk.


The curved IPS Panel of the Eizo Flex scan EV3895 is almost 90 inches wide. The resolution is 3,840 x 1,600 pixels.
The curved IPS Panel of the Eizo Flex scan EV3895 is almost 90 inches wide. The resolution is 3,840 x 1,600 pixels.

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Most of the Curved Displays from the Gaming division. There, the primary issue is to increase the curvature, the degree of Immersion, to draw the player more into the action on the Screen. The Eizo Flex scan EV3895, the first Curved-Display of the Japanese manufacturer, the 2300R also rather moderate curvature another purpose: it increases the ergonomics of the almost 90-cm-wide monitor, since the distance between the surface of the IPS-Panels, and the eyes of the user is at any point approximately equal, and so the eyes are not so strong need to readjust. A further plus point in terms of ergonomics, with almost 20 centimeters in a very large range of adjustment of the mutually displaceable segments are built-up stand is.

With a refresh rate of 60 Hz, the large Flex scan is definitely not a designated Gaming Monitor, except maybe for a flight simulator, but primarily for use in the office or the home office intended. With a resolution of 3.840 x 1.600 pixels, the IPS-Panel with a 24:10 aspect ratio in the Horizontal delivers twice the resolution of a Full HD monitor, but it is in the Vertical much more information. The image quality of the EV3895 is subjectively very good. Pleasant, the automatic brightness adjustment of the anti-reflective monitor. Its maximum brightness is 300 cd/m2 for an Office Display is absolutely sufficient. It is also flicker-free and provides a Paper mode, which reduces the proportion of blue light to the eyes, save in the case of a long on-screen work. This mode can quickly be on one of the sensor buttons on the Front enabled.

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USB C-Dock with Ethernet port

For users of modern laptops with a USB-C port on the Flex scan EV3895 is very practical. Because he takes over USB-C not only Video and audio signals, but is also a full-fledged USB-C-Docking-Station-with 85 Watt power supply, four USB-A Downstream Ports and even a Gigabit-LAN port. The four USB Ports are arranged together with an audio Jack easily accessible on the right side of the monitor. Who not only works with the Notebook, but a Desktop PC on a Monitor attached to it, will know the built-in KVM to appreciate the Switch. Up to three computers can use a Keyboard and a mouse can be controlled: A USB-C is connected, and two via the two USB-A Upstream port, which is also on the back of the monitor are attached. The switching is done automatically with the choice of the active signal input via a sensor button on the monitor front. With the Picture-by-Picture mode, the EV3895 represents up to three signal sources at the same time and makes for more of an Overview. There are several predefined Layouts, and three computers connected with Picture Swap even a function, which represents the active area of the image larger and the other two smaller.

Conclusion: Ergonomic Curved Display instead of Dual Monitor configuration

Who needs an Office Monitor, to replace two Full-HD Displays, which is supported by the curvature ergonomic Eizo Flex scan EV3895 very well. In contrast to a Multi-Monitor Setup, there is no annoying bar in the field of view, and thus more flexibility in the arrangement of the Windows on the Desktop. Great the built-in USB Docking Station with LAN connection and a KVM Switch. However, Eizo calls with almost 1,800 euros for the Premium-Monitor and a corresponding price.