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PayPal has already unlocked today, Bitcoin as a payment method within the Ecosystem. For Bitcoin, the bullish news.

The Bitcoin Integration of PayPal was a great success. By the end of 2020, the payment service provider announced that U.S. customers can purchase within the PayPal Ecosystem, BTC, ETH and co. and sell. Also the possibility to pay via crypto currencies, the Californian company in prospect. The latter PayPal has today, Tuesday, January 30. In March, at the Start brought. Because, as Reuters exclusively reported, currencies of the company, the pay with Crypto at all of the 29 million merchants already unlocked. Therefore, the US can use-customers instead of Fiat money, such as euros or US dollars, Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and co. At the dealer the desired Fiat currency is, however, the exchange rate risk is accepted by PayPal and so on.

For the first Time, customers crypto can use currencies as seamless as a credit card or a debit card with your PayPal Wallet

says to PayPal CEO Dan Schulman Reuters.

Thus, the rise of Bitcoin from the world of asset class have taken a legitimate currency is an important step:

We think that it is a turning point of crypto currencies from one asset class, it mainly purchases, holds or sells, to develop a legitimate source of funding to transactions in the real world with millions of traders

Dan Schulman

Least Tesla for eddy on Bitcoin had caused the market. The US car manufacturer accepts for the latest BTC as a means of payment. Unlike PayPal, Tesla converts the BTC but not previously in Fiat money, but accepts them directly.

Also, the crypto market reacted to the news euphoric. Bitcoin to put on within an hour to about 2 percent and is now trading hour at 59.000 US Dollar. The limit of 60,000 US dollars moves so again in the near future.

The price of Bitcoin on the daily chart.

First of all, the Service is only for US customers, Germany should follow this year.