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On 25. February the auction of the NFT artwork every days: The First 5,000 of the Days of the British auction house Christie’s. yesterday 11 began. March was the Collage then to the highest bidder – for about $ 69 million.

After hundreds of digital artwork every days of Beeple it was yesterday, 11. March so far, for 69.346.250 US Dollar is the Collage of 5,000 individual images for their production of the artist needed for 13 years, went to the Highest bidder. Alone in the last auction of an hour over 180 commandments of 33 active Mitbietern received. These Figures are likely to conjure the Creator of the NFT-work of art-a Smile to your face. Since may 2007, the citizens Name: Mike Winkelmann worked to its NFT creation. Since then, he has made every day a new image, which would later become part of his total work of art. The first art project of the learned, advertising designer, was a portrait of his uncle. The last part of his Collage is the former President of the United States, Donald Trump. A close look at the image, however, can throw not only the new owner of a digital work of art, but also every other person in the world. Because the JPG is in all its glory in the Internet – in Maximum resolution.

Non-fungible tokens seem to be Beeple is a real blessing. Until a year ago, the 39 had not been able to sell-Year-old one of his works of art. In February of this year, a sold his works called “Crossroads” on the platform, Nifty Gateway. In this piece, it was a NFT-a work of art. In total, the sale brought in $ 6.6 million, of which Beeple received a share of ten percent. Beeples NFT plants to enjoy now a huge range and can be traded for huge sums of money on the market. Initially, the artist knew not what is the best Non-fungible tokens are actually:

I’ve created a while and digital art. Now it really feels like that would come out of nowhere.

Digital painting – The art of the future?

Meanwhile, Beeple has almost two million Followers on Twitter. The sale of NFT-Collage on the auction house Christie’s is to be regarded as a kind of Premiere. It is the first Time that a reputable auction house auctioned off a NFT-work of art on the Ethereum-Blockchain. In the run-up was not clear whether the auction would achieve the desired success. With the entrance of the highest bid would have the number of doubters, however, sharply reduced, because the auction has broken several records – NFT or not.

So the work of art is a part of a very exclusive list of the most expensive auctioned works of art of living artists of the auction house Christie’s – EVERYDAYS by Beeple is now in third place, according to Jeff Koons and David Hockney. At the same time, it is the most expensive ever auctioned digital work of art. The auction broke the world record for the highest in the case of an Online auction the price obtained.

NFT are so, so it seems to have come to stay, have fought their way up to the top of the international art scene. But the explosion in prices for the digital works of art, maybe it is just a bubble? And the prices of the NFT tokens are sustainable?


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