With the courage to risk

Ulmer Startup on mixed Cloud market Innovation On: With the courage to risk

Tom Simon ventured at the age of 20 years ago, the step into self-employment. Be firm Innovations On today employs 30 staff, comes to 50 customers and Advanced is a Partner of AWS. Even large system houses cooperate with the Startup.


Young people, according to scientists, a higher tolerance for Ungewissese and are therefore more willing to unknown risks.
Young people, according to scientists, a higher tolerance for Ungewissese and are therefore more willing to unknown risks.

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Youthful frivolity, the parents wrote it, as Tom Simon went to the local savings Bank to negotiate due to a founder of a new business loan. Just 15 months of the Ulmer had to start his degree as a specialist in the bag, and he wanted to be in self-employment. Even if he had not drawn up a business plan, gave the bankers a green light. Because of the 20-Year-old gave the impression that he knew exactly what he wanted: a Cloud service provider to build. At home, the red alarm, however, lights. What should be the retirement of the son, if he’s already in over your head in debt?

Tom Simon, founder and CEO of Innovations On, positioned the company as a

Tom Simon, founder and CEO of Innovations On, positioned the company as a “Next Level MSP”.

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Meanwhile, tempers have calmed in Ulm again. Today, two and a half years later, has Simon’s Startup innovation On 30 employees. More than 50 customers, has won the service provider to date, of which he supervised some permanently as a Managed Cloud Provider. In the AWS Partner Network (APN) have acquired the Swabians as an Advanced Consulting Partner so far, the second-highest Status. A Merger with the Munich re-Foundation cloud buddies and an acquisition – the purchase of Di-On.Solutions from Burgau in Günzburg, has Simon already behind. At the end of the quarter, the Startup is expected to be the Break-Even point. The first steps as an entrepreneur, laid back, the 22-Year-old so successful.

Cooperation with All for One

Not only customers are yet to come up with Innovations On business, but also well-known system of houses, work with the Cloud-specialists, because in specific fields of competence in a specific missing. The Ulmer have just announced a collaboration with the consulting firm, All for One. The two service providers will work together to support customers, SAP to migrate systems on the AWS platform, and to operate there. The tasks are divided clearly. Innovation On taking care of the infrastructure, the cooperation partners from Filderstadt, the Cloud rather in the Azure world, home to the applications.

The responsibility for the Cloud specialists rests, however, on Simon’s shoulders alone. The management Board, he shares with cloud buddies-the founder of Oliver sound the horn, for a long at the top of Fritz & M (today Imtech), and most recently in the Management of Cancom, and Dagmar Ziegler, who worked in both system houses in the distribution. “The experience, the Oliver and Dagmar in terms of corporate development, strategy and sales to bring, is to replace for me, nothing,” says the young Entrepreneur. Reverses the codirector benefit from its technological understanding as Cloud Native. “It takes insight into the technical capabilities of the Cloud to a client to demonstrate what a solution for him to realize.”

During his training, he graduated from the Ulm-based Service Provider scan plus, dealt Simon, except with the classic infrastructure concepts already, IaaS, and hybrid scenarios. After he had then worked for several months at Dell Support, joined the Swabian Cloud consulting Consort NT to Wiesbaden. There was given to him after a year it clear that he wanted to start a company of his own ideas.

Complementary to the theme

A chamber of Commerce event with consequences

Met established two 2019 on a chamber of Commerce Event in Munich: Oliver sound horn had just cloud buddies, Tom Simon in the autumn of earlier Innovations On. Because they pursued as entrepreneurs same plans, joined the Channel veteran and the young entrepreneurs their Startups to the end of the year 2019. Although Simon from the Ulmer IT dates back to the scene and sound the horn for a long time there was, they were not met in front of the Munich chamber of Commerce-date.

Standardized Cloud-Operating

The current constellation, a young Team with a young boss, that is begun, the Cloud market, “disrupt”, and two Directors with a long-standing system of in-house experience, holds Simon ideal. “We have been working intensively on how you can transfer things from the old world, such as ITIL-processes or Servicedesk, in the Cloud world.” Target Innovations-On-addresses the classic medium-sized businesses. “In this Segment, a wave of migrations is to come. This can’t be otherwise.“ For common application scenarios, such as Backup or virtual Desktops, the service provider has developed a turnkey solution concepts, in order to make the way in the Cloud for small and medium sized businesses easy. A focus of Ulm is to operate Cloud scenarios for customers, and with a high level of automation on the Basis of standardized processes. 70 per cent of the business you want to achieve in the long term Managed Services. “We see ourselves as a Next Level MSP for the middle class.”

In contrast to many of the Startups in the ICT industry, focused exclusively on technology, in innovation On the distribution of high importance. The Managed Cloud Provider does not leave it to chance that potential customers will be services. The company has five employees, the deal only to play on the digital and the analogue distribution of the keyboard. “We are fighting for every customer,” says Simon.

What his parents interpreted as the enthusiasm of youth, after which, by the way “increased tolerance for the Unknown”. Scientists from Yale University have found a few years ago, is the willingness unknown risks, in the case of young people, is actually larger. However, older people are willing to at least the same risk, if you can estimate the consequences to some extent. A good example of this is the sound of horn, the daring with the founding of cloud buddies at the age of 53 years, a clean slate. After a quarter of a century in leadership positions at the Channel company, he knew exactly what he was getting into.

Tom Simon (left) and Oliver sound horn, managing Director, remarked On, expand the range of performance of the service provider to Cloud-native development.

Nils Kaufmann came comparatively late in IT, turned on, then this is the right way.

Oliver sound horn (l.), Dagmar Ziegler and Nils Kaufmann, the leadership team of cloud buddies form.


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