Growth for the Everything-as-a-Service model (XaaS)

Performance-as-a-Service Growth for the Everything-as-a-Service model (XaaS)

Around a third of the IT decision maker has no complete insight into the applications and networks in the company, as well as in their efficiency. Here, Performance-as-a can help Service, with a platform, this transparency gap.


Using the Performance-as-Service model only the productivity of employees does not ensure that meaningful Service Level Agreements can be found.
Using the Performance-as-Service model only the productivity of employees does not ensure that meaningful Service Level Agreements can be found.

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More and more companies are using Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS). Both LinkedIn as well as Adobe have already chosen a Software-as-a-Service approach (SaaS), so you can offer customers the flexibility, innovation faster and more cost-effective. For the same reasons, Amazon Web Services has introduced the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Windows Azure, the Platform-as-a-Service approach (PaaS). It’s easy to see the acceptance of XaaS is already very large.

So far, a decision was lacking, however, is the dominant Element in the concept of Performance-as-a-Service. This will be the next hurdle in XaaS and ensure that the market up to 2024 on the predicted size of 344,3 billion dollars to grow. Finally, companies face an increasingly challenging face of business environment and the need to ensure the productivity of your employees, to be able to grow and survive. The network and application performance is the decisive factor. Therefore, it is only logical that business experts who can provide you with through Performance-as-a-Service the necessary support.

Why we are the Performance-as-a-Service-gap must close

The performance of the system, e.g. the time for the access to and Downloading of files is necessary, has a direct effect on the productivity of the employees and thus the efficiency and competitiveness of a company. So according to the recently of Riverbed published report Rethink-Possible-Study nearly 50 percent of C-Level executives at that slow speed and outdated technology affected current growth of your company.

Many companies from different sectors, for example. on computer-aided Design (CAD) and the CAD files are notoriously large. Therefore, the load times for users on slow networks are particularly long. This not only creates frustration, but also limits productivity and prevents companies to serve their customers efficiently. The Result? Dissatisfied customers switch to a competitor who can provide the same services faster and more effectively.

The connection between low-speed technology, employee efficiency and business challenges is clear. To not recognize that the technology is as powerful as it should be, but it is easier said than done. Companies should, therefore, introduce Performance-as-a-Service, in order to gain insight into network and application performance. The only way you can see where there are problems and how you can for optimal performance can be solved.

Transparent Performance-as-a-Service

To corporate systems work efficiently, end-to-end network transparency is necessary. Otherwise, IT Teams can detect any problems in terms of Performance difficult to solve. Against this Background, it is worrying that a third of the IT decision makers, according to the Rethink Possible-study of Riverbed is no complete insight into applications, networks, and efficiency in the company. These companies should introduce Performance-as-a-Service, to close with a suitable platform for the optimization of the application performance of this transparency gap.

With the help of this solution, IT Teams can visualize all of the technical challenges of the employees and resolve them before they impact negatively on their productivity. For example, it is possible to observe the Packet Flow and to identify bottlenecks, for example, if Office 365 is unusually slow. On the Basis of the obtained information, IT can decide departments, whether application acceleration is necessary, in order to shorten the Download and Opening of files, necessary time. Performance-as-a-Service eliminates long waiting times, so that the user can take care of in the company better care of their customers.

Performance-as-a-Service is the key to meaningful SLAs

The transparency of the network and application performance, which offers the Performance-as-Service model, not only ensures the productivity of the employees, but is also the Basis for the implementation of appropriate and meaningful Service-Level Agreements (SLAs).

Current Uptime for SLAs is often the decisive factor, but 100% Uptime is irrelevant, if the user friendliness is missing. Ultimately, no one cares, if an application in 99.99 % of cases, although available, the Performance is so bad that it is virtually unusable. With Performance-as-a-Service the IT with the signing of new contracts with service providers can set specific requirements to the quality of the service. You can then track on the basis of the improved transparency of the network and application performance, as your Provider will meet these SLAs. In this way it is ensured that you will achieve a high return on your investment.

Extension of the XaaS model to the Performance-as-a-Service

There are two good reasons why Performance-as-a-Service has the potential to be an important part of the XaaS offerings: first, the successful management of application and network performance is key to employee productivity and therefore business effectiveness and competitive advantages. Secondly, Performance-as-a-Service, it allows you to rate the companies, Service providers by meaningful SLAs. Finally, it is for IT service providers is relatively easy, implementing new technology, but it is much more difficult to make this technology for the company is actually usable.

Andreas Riepen.

Andreas Riepen.

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Performance-as-a-Service, cost and operational efficiency. In a normal business environment, this makes all the difference between growth or profitability and Stagnation. In view of the difficult conditions created by COVID-19, should company Performance-as-a-take account of Service urgently, to be able to efficiently and remain competitive.

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Andreas Riepen is Regional Vice President of Sales DACH Riverbed.