WhatsApp could allow you to in the last few years and the users have accepted it just like that. This year everything is different. The new terms and conditions, which should soon enter into force, will be introduced later. WhatsApp pulls the emergency brake. But it could be too late.

WhatsApp changed the schedule

The presented WhatsApp is likely to be quite different. The company, under the leadership of Facebook, actually wanted to on the 8. February 2021 new terms and conditions introduce, which any user must agree. If not, you can not use WhatsApp easily. What was there in the terms and conditions of use, but has caused fear and terror. WhatsApp wanted to just give all the data to Facebook more, to analyze this on the Basis of its advertising. Although WhatsApp has tried to clarify as the negative messages were becoming more and more in the focus, the company is now the ripcord. Instead of the 8. February to the new terms and conditions now for the first time at 15. May be introduced.

In the official WhatsApp Blog has announced the company is Changing and is now trying to give users something to accommodate, by leaving you more time for the decision. The content of the new terms and conditions, nothing will change. Instead, it reaffirms WhatsApp continues to be, that everything remains encrypted, nothing is recorded and Facebook learns nothing. The don’t believe a lot of users WhatsApp currently and switch to the competition. Threema, Signal and Telegram will be overrun by new users.

What would like to change the WhatsApp:

What is the Alternative to WhatsApp is safe?

If you are looking for an Alternative to WhatsApp, it will quickly encounter a Telegram, Signal and Threema. For the U.S. service Signal even Elon Musk has made advertising. The Messenger is subject to the “CLOUD Act” and must give US authorities, in the worst case, access to the data. The Russian service Telegram stores everything on servers, and only encrypted messages, if you turn on the function itself. Only Threema is really safe and without any E-Mail address or phone number to use. For that you have to pay, but then once something. In the case of the other messengers you have to pay with his data.