Heino Deubner starts with Miete24

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Heino Deubner starts with Miete24

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Printer Care Service becomes Miete24: The Brandenburg-based IT entrepreneur Heino Deubner today launches a new rental portal through which companies, private individuals and resellers can purchase more than 10,000 hardware products in a subscription model.

About the portal Miete24.com the conclusion of a rental agreement should be as easy as online shopping.
About the portal Miete24.com the conclusion of a rental agreement should be as easy as online shopping.

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The news comes as no surprise. The fact that Heino Deubner is working on a rental portal has been known at the latest since the end of February, when the distributor Siewert & Kau announced a cooperation with the Brandenburg IT entrepreneur for his new workplace-as-a-service offer. Today goes Miete24.com officially at the start. The platform allows both commercial and private end customers to purchase more than 10,000 office and home products in one subscription model. After completion of the term, which can be twelve, 24 or 36 months, the devices are remanufactured for the secondary market.

The range, which is available via Miete24, includes notebooks, tablets, peripheral items, accessories, smartphones, gaming PCs, projectors, displays, scanners, headsets as well as shredders, air purifiers and fully automatic coffee machines. E-bikes, refrigerators, washing machines and dryers are to be added as further product categories in the near future.

From MPS to the rental portal

Deubner and his e-commerce company, which is based in Velten near Berlin, have so far been operating the portal Printer4you.com . Since March 2017, commercial customers have been able to subscribe to printers and Managed Print Services (MPS). Recently, the Brandenburgers have significantly expanded the offer available for rent via the platform. This now includes product categories such as notebooks, tablets, monitors or projectors.

With the wider range, the company, which was previously known as Printer Care Service, has given itself a new name. Since the end of March, the company has been registered as Miete24 P4Y GmbH in the commercial register at the local court of Neuruppin. Even after the launch of the new platform, the MPS portal should remain in operation permanently.

As for Printer4you, Deubner has also designed a partner model for Miete24. System houses and MSPs can register as resellers. This gives you a discount of at least five percent on the rental rate and gives you the right to re-rent the products. For example, service providers who also provide devices to their customers as part of managed services do not have to pay in advance. “We take care of the financing,” the e-commerce professional clarifies.

Renting is as easy as shopping

For users, concluding a rental agreement via the portal should be as easy as online shopping, Deubner assures. Using search filters, you can find the right rental product, select one of the three options for the term and put it in the shopping cart. At the checkout, customers complete their order using the desired payment method. “In contrast to conventional leasing or rental offers, there is Miete24.com without any bureaucracy and complicated approval procedures.“

After the end of the rental period, customers can decide whether to return the product, rent it again or buy it at the residual value. If the equipment is returned, the company prepares it, rents it again or sells it on the used market. In this way, the platform is also intended to make a contribution to the circular economy and thus to sustainability in the ICT industry.

“With our rental portal, we want to avoid unnecessary electronic waste and help to save emissions,” emphasizes Deubner. According to his observation, technological development is progressing so rapidly that laptops or smartphones are in use for only a few years before they are replaced by newer models. According to the entrepreneur, renting equipment and reusing it after the expiration of the contract is more sustainable than buying it and throwing it away after a relatively short time.


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