Here is the certificate of vaccination is secured on the Blockchain

In Germany, the confusion surrounding Corona rules is as big as never before. In New York, it is with a digital certificate of vaccination a whole lot more.

In the U.S. state of New York can be achieved by Blockchain technology, against the Corona pandemic mobile. New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Wednesday Introduction of the Excelsior passport to. It is a Blockchain-based COVID-19-Pass. Starting Friday, may 2. April can benefit the citizens in the entire state.

Not only in New York; in all the world is thinking about the introduction of a Corona-certificate of vaccination. In particular, in Germany, there have been heated debates. A Central point is the question of whether vaccinated persons are to receive in any way special rights, if they are demonstrated not to pose no threat. Also can be found not only in the Federal Republic of desperately for a possibility of a negative test. This should be the best without the obligation to constantly heaps of paperwork to lug around. But not just practical reasons, including privacy considerations blocked yet is a convenient solution.

Corona-certificate of vaccination: the Blockchain prevents Central data collection

According to New York Governor Cuomo’s Excelsior Pass is the answer to many of these concerns. It is based on IBM’s Blockchain-based digital health record platform. In other words, neither IBM nor any other Institution will have a database with sensitive health data.

The question: ‘public health or the economy’ was wrong from the start. On both an answer must be found. Every day, the Impfzahlen in New York in the height. Important indicators of public health are on the lowest level in months. The country’s first Excelsior Pass introducing the next step in our thoughtful, scientifically-based re-opening a

, proclaimed Cuomo in his Statement. The Governor keeps the population in addition to his Twitter Account permanently about the current Infection is going on. The Excelsior Pass to visually resemble a boarding pass for a plane and, moreover, the citizens of a completely volunteer to be available.

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Every citizen is able to determine what information he wants to share with whom, when and for what purpose. This is done without sharing the underlying personal data used for creating the credential

so IBM Manager Steve LaFleche in a Blog post.

And how it is ordered that this news is a digital vaccination records? The Corona-Warning-App is flopped for a variety of reasons. As BTC-ECHO reported, the German IT-Startup Ubirch the award from the Federal Ministry of health. Here too, works with IBM to test results on the Blockchain to anchor.


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