This charging Mat iPhone wait-users for 4 years

It was one of the most spectacular failures in the recent Apple history: AirPower. After years of waiting, the innovative charging Mat was stomps – too complicated for the US group. How to do it better, now Xiaomi.


As Apple introduced AirPower in 2017, was the enthusiasm great: A Charging pad for iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch are equally accurate placement of the respective devices should not be on the Qi Pad needed. In the trade, it has managed AirPower but never, the charging Mat has again and again been postponed, and, finally, 2019 is cancelled. Two years later, has now Xiaomi an AirPower Alternative presents.

How AirPower: xiaomi’s charging Mat three devices at the same time

Similar to Apple’s AirPower is also xiaomi’s has the charging Mat is equal to multiple charging coils: 19 there are, on the whole, ensure that three devices at the same time can be charged. Thus, two Smartphones and a Couple of wire, for example, wireless In-Ear headphones with juice supply. Be three devices in parallel charged, each 20 Watt available. In the case of a single use, more. The new Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra with 80 Watt load, reported Android Central.

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Robert Kägler28.01.2021

In the Interior of the charging Mat, a Motor ensures that the charging coils automatically align to the stored device. Precise placement of the Smartphone, headphones, and co. thus it is not necessary. This comfortable handling also wanted to achieve, Apple AirPower, had to be according to the rumors, but problems in the distribution of heat struck.

Xiaomi wants to charge electronic devices over the air:

Xiaomi salt in Apple’s wound

According to Xiaomi, it has begun development of its own charging Mat two years ago, when Apple has to announce the end of AirPower. In order to spread even more salt in the wound, the manufacturer of press images even an iPhone to put the skills of the Qi-charging station is proof of this. Xiaomi’s charging Mat to the equivalent of about 77 euros cost. If and when the Xiaomi Mat is coming to Europe, is not yet known.