How to keep battery really last longer?

Battery Myths How to keep battery really last longer?

“So they last longer,” or “it makes you broke” – on batteries, many myths are circulating. In fact, rechargeable batteries are, however, more robust, as many suspect. So consumers can influence the life directly.


Batteries have the longest life if you move between 30 and 80 percent.
Batteries have the longest life if you move between 30 and 80 percent.

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Whether it is a Smartphone, laptop, electric toothbrush, or robotic lawn mower: In many devices of everyday life batteries, which are constantly loading and unloading plug. The power is running low, you go to the power outlet. As simple as that. To note, there is still a lot of things.

Because even when Charging consumers can extend to consumers, the service life of your current memory. “Modern Lithium-ion batteries, which are putting in all the Smartphones and Laptops, have the longest life-span, if you are between 30 and 80 percent of the charge is always,” says Blaise Kawalkowski from the engineering magazine “”.

“This so-called flat Cyclize in a limited load window, has a positive effect on the service life of Lithium-ion batteries, because the materials are less affected,” explains Tobias Placke from the MEET battery research center, University of Münster, the Use of the battery will never fully charge and never run empty.

“Almost all the batteries have a charging electronics. Which ensures that, for a deep discharge, the device is switched off to protect the energy carrier, for example, a short circuit,“ explains Kawalkowski. “Because if the voltage drops below the final discharge voltage will damage the battery permanently.”

Protection by switching Off

Shutdown protection mechanism should not be undermined, that the Smartphone will be switched to morning again. Means Has been discharged, the battery but so deep that the mobile phone has turned off automatically, it should not be turned on again when the power supply is connected. Better to wait, until again some current is flowing into the battery.

The earlier, much quoted from Memory effect, however, is no longer an issue. He relates only Nickel-Cadmium batteries, which are hardly used.

Also, it is beneficial to the lifespan of the battery when it is not exposed to extreme cold, heat. “When it’s cold, it may happen that the ion transport is slowed down in the cell, which increases the resistance in the battery, and the use of limits,” explains researcher Placke.

Strong heat, in turn, can have a negative effect on the service life of Lithium-ion batteries, because then the materials in the battery, in particular, the electrolyte, break down more. “Generally speaking, aging, extend reactions more rapidly at elevated temperatures,” concludes Placke. A Smartphone should be protected in the Winter as well from extreme cold, such as in the summer heat.

The wireless Charging Smartphones heat up a noticeable amount, but that need not damage inevitably the battery. “If the phone is located exactly on the ideal position of the wireless charger, so that the coil in the phone and coil in the charging shell are directly opposite, the temperature is usually in the context,” explains Christian Just from the “Computer Bild”. It is important to pay attention to it, the telephone back in the middle of the load to place the shell.

Lifetime charge cycles

The lifespan of a battery is measured in charge cycles, and depending on the quality of the battery at between 500 and 2,000 charging cycles. Here is just a complete load operations, or a discharge of 20 to 95 percent count Just to always. “So it’s not a disadvantage, if the Smartphone is in between, and only 20 percent will be charged,” explains the expert.

To replace the batteries out of the house for use by batteries, is in principle a good idea, however, of the area of application should be observed. “Nickel-metal hydride batteries, for example, in size AA, or AAA, are very sensitive. Incorrect polarity, over-discharge or Overcharge can very quickly lead to a completely broken,“ warns Kawalkowski.

In addition, Nickel-metal hydride can be used to charge the battery in a restricted temperature range. For children’s toys, for example, be suitable due to the constant room temperature is good, says Kawalkowski. Who must provide out in the cold cameras or flash units with electricity, you should better use standard Alkaline batteries.

Who replaced the so-called primary batteries, secondary batteries, i.e. batteries, the slightly less power, which has very practical reasons in the rule: “The Re-chargeability must be chemically and geometrically in the cell via additional, space-consuming measures incorporated,” says battery Placke researchers. “Therefore, the variant is large batteries, the energy content and, consequently, the discharge duration of the Disposable getting higher and higher.”

More Amps

The bottom line, but batteries are becoming more and more powerful. In 2000, released for the Nokia 3310, for example, had a thick and large battery, which had a capacity of 900 mAh (mAh). “The latest Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, which has a flat battery with 5,000 mAh”, compares Kawalkowski cell phone batteries today and 20 years ago.

The potent Smartphone batteries need to be charged of today, nevertheless, faster, is in their equipment. “The screen is the biggest power consumer,” says Kawalkowski. “The bigger it is and the higher it dissolves, the shorter the battery life.” In addition, many Apps would end up increasing the power consumption upwards, if used several hours a day.

The maximum battery capacity to find out

Anyone who buys a used Smartphone, you will usually want to know, how powerful the battery is. “After about two years, the battery performance decreases considerably with repeated daily, even much earlier,” says Just.

However, leave about at Apple from the iPhone 6, the maximum battery capacity in the menu view. “Good batteries have values of over 95 percent. Around 92 per cent of users don’t come any more Intense, but often through the day without recharge,“ says Just. The percentages there would be calculated from Apple, are not necessarily identical with the other laboratory values. For Android Smartphones, there are Apps that analyze the state of the current memory.

Who works at his camera or other devices with a removable battery, it should store the best at temperatures between zero and five degrees. Under these conditions, the current memory lose the least power, explains Kawalkowski. The sometimes recommended fridge as a repository mountains, however, the risk that moisture causes Oxidation and batteries may cause damage, warns Kawalkowski. “The better place to batteries stored for a long period, therefore, a cooler, and at the same time, a dry cellar.”