Huawai builds factory for mobile technology in Alsace

First production outside of China Huawai builds factory for mobile technology in Alsace

First talks were already in 2019, now it is clear: Huawei is building a factory for mobile radio equipment in the French Alsace. It is the first Huawei-factory outside of China. Can win the group so that lost trust back?


Central: Huawei its presence on the European continent strengthens the construction of a factory for mobile radio equipment in the French Alsace.
Central: Huawei its presence on the European continent strengthens the construction of a factory for mobile radio equipment in the French Alsace.

(Image: Huawei)

The controversial mobile phone company Huawei will build in the business Park in Brumath in the French Region of Grand Est, close to the German border, a factory for mobile radio equipment. Specifically, the “Huawei European Wireless Factory to manufacture” the main part of the mobile radio base stations for the European customers of the company. After the announcement of the project by the end of 2019 by Liang Hua, the Chairman of the Board of Huawei, is set to begin construction later this year. The opening is provided, according to Huawei for 2023.

The factory would be the first production facility of this kind outside of China. This shows on the one hand, that the European market is a very important market for Huawei. On the other hand, the company is dedicated to lost trust to regain.

The Chinese network equipment supplier is under pressure: He is suspected to have in his so-called Backdoors installed by the Chinese authorities in a secret access permit. Potential users of the Huawei technology – including EU member States such as Germany, fear of espionage, Manipulation, or up to a remote-controlled Shutdown of the communication networks of all kinds of possible horror scenarios. Is proven to this day, and Huawei responds to the allegations with different information campaigns. Nevertheless, the world market leader for 5G technology has not been able to refute it yet completely.

Mobile operators banish Huawei from their networks

For years, many States wrestle with the decision of whether, and to what extent they will Huawei allow technology for 5G mobile radio networks. Some, like Australia, have decided clearly against it. Also the UK goes this way, until 2027, all Huawei technology should be banned from the UK networks. In Germany the mobile operators have created before the policy facts: you will not use Huawei technology in their core networks. After Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica draw heuer. In the US, Huawei is still on a Black list of companies with whom US companies, without exception approval, no trade will be able to do without the threat of sanctions. The sanctions were later tightened.

The above fears can weigh heavy, but also understandable: Huawei is about to become totalitarian China with the help of massive state subsidies to large. Like all major Chinese company Huawei is likely to control the government – as is currently the example of Jack Ma, founder, CEO and dazzling figurehead of the Chinese flagship Internet giant Alibaba, once again, is visible become. This dare seems to be a lot of public criticism of the government, disappeared and then almost three months completely out of the picture, and came up recently again. Instead of the usual clear criticism of the Chinese economic and banking system he proposes, since then, conciliatory tones, and praises the Chinese leaders. Such occurrences torpedo Huawei’s efforts, to doubt the own trust to eliminate the impairment.

In all the excitement, to Huawei you should not forget: the USA, the demand on according to the most satisfaction, have over the decades, networks, face down, on telecommunications, which is accessed and other countries being spied on – and above all, the alleged Partner, such as Germany. And to do this is probably to continue. The Snowden Leaks clearly show. Possible Backdoors to make this including network equipment from American companies such as Cisco.

Huawei promises: sustainability and environmental protection are the focus of this project

Back to the factory in Alsace: According to information from Huawei will support the local economy, “by working in the planning and construction of this plant with the French companies”. In addition, the company plans 300 experts in France, set mainly in the Region of the Grand Est. The workforce will comprise a total of 500 employees, and products worth about 1 billion euros per year to produce.

After a technical evaluation, Huawei decided on the basis of key criteria for such an industrial project for the business Park in Brumath: location, surface area and expandability, the industrial Park and its infrastructure, the environment, and the availability of land.

For the construction of Huawei environment to use friendly materials and construction processes on non-recyclable and non-biodegradable resources as far as possible without. Huawei has also committed to limit the energy impact of the system drastically. According to Huawei, it is an explicit goal of the company, sustainability and environmental protection at the heart of this project. These statements will need to Huawei be measured.

The official Start for the construction of Huawei’s European mobile radio factory in Alsace

26. January announced political and corporate prominence to the official Start of the construction of Huawei’s new production facility, including Jean Rottner, President of the Region Grand-Est; Claude Sturni, rector of the municipality of Haguenau; Catherine Chen, Vice-President and member of the Board of Huawei Technologies and Jacques Biot, President of the Board of Directors of Huawei France.

According to a statement from Rottner of the Region Grand-Est is pursuing an ambitious policy. Therefore, you want to be the French reference area in terms of Innovation and contribute to the economy of the future build. “We want to be in the Background of a profound digital transformation a is the undisputed European market leader in the industry of the future.” The settlement of Huawei bring to the field a high level of visibility and strength of their own ambitions.

“In the heart of the Huawei-supplier network”

With his location in Alsace the work in the heart of the Huawei is the supplier network, as close as possible to the European customers of the company. This advantageous location is, according to Huawei “through the solid air, Land and river infrastructure of the Region Grand-Est amplified”.

In addition, France and the Region Grand-Est would have a competitive industrial structure, “which is supported by highly qualified engineers and technicians, as well as an Ecosystem that is recognized worldwide for the quality of its research & development and innovation and training capacity”. Taken together, these were the reasons that convinced Huawei to build its new production plant in the French border region of Germany.

In France, Huawei since 2003-present. On the European continent, the group reports that it currently holds 23 research and development facilities, is a Partner of more than 100 universities and works with over 3,100 suppliers.

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