Huawei mobile phones before? Chairman speaks surprisingly clear text

Huawei has been gaining against all expectations in the year 2020 and the sales to be slightly increased. A statement of the current Chairman is preparing a care in the. It comes to the Smartphone business, which could be an insoluble Problem.


Huawei mobile phones: manufacturer speaks of an uncertain future

It is a large alarm is a signal, when the current Chairman of Huawei, Hu Houkun, in the case of the The announcement of the figures speaks, that the The future of the mobile phone business is uncertain is. The US ban has ensured that Huawei has been cut off from the main suppliers. Especially processors are a Problem. For the upcoming Huawei P50 series made by the Chinese group, although enough processors, what happens after that can currently say but no one. Promises from Samsung or Qualcomm, which can produce for Huawei processors, currently seem to be no solution.

Huawei is still in use by other companies, which were forced by the US ban on the termination of cooperation. In China is to be an independent Chip-production and development will be established, but not from one day to do. One believes that one can be in the Smartphone market the number one, without the necessary components to build this also brings all of this but nothing. The losers are the customers, because Huawei has launched the Smartphone market in recent years, Verve, and to ensure that all manufacturers build better mobile phones.

Huawei’s latest Smartphone in the Video:

In 2021, a decision will be for the Huawei end of the year

This year will show how to Huawei in the Smartphone market. The Chinese company introduces new Smartphones and will lose a lot of ground in the market. If, in the future, then the components for the manufacturing of mobile phones missing, there will always be more explosive for the Chinese group. Xiaomi, Samsung, and other manufacturer take advantage of the weakness. They offer Alternatives that fulfill the wishes of the customer. GIGA is to keep the Situation from Huawei in the eye.