Investment giant Andreessen Horowitz invested in a better Ethereum

A survey among Australian investors has revealed that crypto-Assets like Bitcoin are more popular than Gold.

A study on the behavior of Investors in Australia since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic investigated. One result: In the past year, has developed the Bitcoin acceptance among investors strong. From the survey of approximately 2,000 Australian investors has shown that Bitcoin is more popular than Gold. 12.6 percent of the investors surveyed indicated that they were in crypto-currencies like Bitcoin investing. In the case of Gold, it accounted for 12.1 percent of the respondents.

The comparison with Gold is quite obvious. Investors are attracted to Bitcoin for the same reasons as in the case of Gold hung. Bitcoin is just like Gold is a finite Well – only you know when Bitcoin exactly how many BTC will be at a maximum. Investors into Australia to recognise, therefore, Bitcoin is always more than inflation. It is suitable for the respondents as an excellent store of Value. Some Bitcoin investors in the crypto-currency which is why we call the “digital Gold”.

Traditional asset classes still dominate

The most popular asset classes still remain Traditional. Despite the growing popularity of Bitcoin and other crypto dominate currencies is still the most popular investment of the Australians.

63.6 percent claimed to own shares in the company. Thus, investments are companies still by far the most popular asset class. With 28.8 percent ETFs are the second most popular investment of the Australians, followed by real estate with 25.8 percent. The final light collectibles (18.8%) and fixed income investments, with a 9.9 percent form.

Who are the new Bitcoin investors?

A report by the Australian news portal Sydney Morning Herald supplies moreover, digestion demo-rich graphical information to the investors. Every fourth Investor that holds cryptocurrencies, deserves more than 100,000 Australian dollars (79.000 USD) in the year. Before the pandemic, Bitcoin investors were mainly men between the ages of 24 and 45 years. Meanwhile, more and more retirees, high net worth individuals and these include private and institutional investors.

Every third crypto Investor has made its first Investment in March 2020. At this time, the stock crashed markets, due to the global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. A quarter of these investors is to hold the Investment for more than three years. More than half of the investors who own Bitcoin, do not want to sell – in spite of the bull market.