Hedgehog introduces UD7, and AWS-cooperation

Disrupt 2021 Hedgehog introduces UD7, and AWS-cooperation

At Igel Hardware is, so to speak, a means to an end, to work environments. On the virtual in-house exhibition, Disrupt, among other things, a collaboration with AWS, new Hardware options, and function were presented extensions.


On the (this time virtual) Disrupt 2021 hedgehog introduced the current route.
On the (this time virtual) Disrupt 2021 hedgehog introduced the current route.

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Igel has presented to the virtual exhibition “Disrupt 2021” in many Keynotes, including CEO Jed Ayres and technical Workshops, a number of innovations, and the General position of the company. A seven-hour event for the European audience the same length of time Equivalent to North American participants followed. There was then also announced a far-reaching collaboration with AWS.

Collaboration with AWS in terms of DaaS

Igel OS, the in-house operating system, has long been the focus of the business. Igel has been traded in a relatively short period of time as a Hardware manufacturer, and the company itself as a “provider of Next-Gen Edge OS solutions for the secure deployment of Cloud Workspaces”. Against this Background, a collaboration with AWS is of strategic importance. So said the Igel OS has been integrated now in Amazon WorkSpaces, a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), which is based on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The Linux-based Igel OS enables access to Amazon WorkSpaces, a Cloud-deploy Desktops from end devices and to manage. Jed Ayres, CEO of Igel commented: “During the pandemic, we have seen an increased demand for DaaS solutions, the trusted Cloud providers like AWS are provided. Customers around the world can now tap into with Amazon WorkSpaces, on virtually any device the full power of working from anywhere.“ 1. March 2021 will be the solution available. Under https://igel.com/aws you can request an evaluation for your IT environment.

Igel OS with new features

Regardless of new functionalities have been introduced in the Igel OS, the users of Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), the Remote is designed to facilitate the work. A Zoom Plugin for WVD and new features such as the support of the “Webcam for Remote Desktop”, as well as a USB-device management solution from FabulaTech that counts.

The Integration of the fabula tech solutions in Igel OS enables secure access to a local USB device and supports the use of local Webcams. Also “Ezeep Cloud Printing” of ThinPrint is now supported. So that a user can print from the Cloud, without the use of local resources. Sensitive data in the local print queue encrypted remain in a queue. These extensions are available on request, and in the next Version of its operating system to be integrated, so in Igel OS 11.05,.

Endpoint solution for Demanding

The UD7 was also a big topic on the Disrupt 2021. The high-performance Endpoint was officially included in the Igel Universal Desktop family, which abbreviates to “UD”. The Endpoint solutions, therefore, comes from the Hardware-side, with the AMD Ryzen Embedded V1605B processor that is designed for high performance graphics. In addition, a glass-fiber option was included, which will ensure that, in combination with Igel OS to secure access to critical data and applications. The System supports up to four 4K displays at 60 Hz, including Audio, that are connected via Display Port 1.2 and is equipped with 8 GB of DDR4 memory, and 8 GB of Onboard Embedded MultiMediaCard (eMMC).

Matthias Haas, CTO, Igel is a sketch of the use of scenarios: “The new UD7 […] it is particularly suitable for use in architectural and engineering offices, financial service providers and trading venues, as well as in research and science.“